Wonder Kid: Two-Headed Goat Taken Into Safety By Kenyan Farmer [Video]

A two-headed goat, born at Kagaa Farm in Kakanjuni village in Kilifi county, Kenya, has been taken into safe-keeping by a local farmer. Dubbed by many online as the “Wonder Kid,” the funny little critter apparently needs to be protected from being killed by the farmer’s superstitious neighbors.

Residents in the area consider the freaky little goat to be a bad omen and that the farmer should let the animal die. However, according to Daily Nation, Kahaso Ngumbao feels the little guy is actually more of a good omen and that he is a “blessing from God.” Two heads are better than one, right? Ngumbao has taken the creature under his wing.

According to AllAfrica, the man’s neighbors have visited his home, threatening to kill the two-headed goat so he has now taken him to a place of safety.

“My neighbors said they would kill the goat if I left it at home.”

Ngumbao told the media that the two-headed goat’s mother has produced 13 sets of twins in the past. The fourteenth time, she gave birth to a single kid and this particular birth was her fifteenth.

“During the [fifteenth] delivery, I saw two heads and thought it was the normal twins coming together, but unfortunately after delivery the heads were intact.”

After fifteen births, possibly the mother has had enough? However, Ngumbao’s desire to protect the two-headed goat was reinforced by the Kilifi agriculture chief officer, Baha Nguma, who told him that such occurrences happen all over the world. Nguma urged Kahaso to protect the little goat as it will have difficulty if left alone.

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[Image: Two-headed goat – screen grab from YouTube video]

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