Taylor Lautner Swaps ‘Twilight’ For ‘Tracers’ In New Parkour Action Movie

Taylor Lautner, he of the unforgettable werewolf abs in Twilight, is coming out of the shadow of that hit fantasy movie franchise and leaping – quite literally – into a new parkour role.

Tracers, directed by Daniel Benmayor, sees Lautner as a New York City bike messenger wanted by the Chinese mafia for monies owed, who falls in with a shady parkour crowd after running into one of the members (who just happens to be jaw-droppingly beautiful). Co-starring Marie Avgeropoulos, Rafi Gavron, and Adam Rayner, Taylor can be admired scaling walls, covering flights of stairs on just his hands, and leaping between buildings at this Friday’s March 21 release in theaters nationwide.

As the Boston Herald reports, roles have been light on the ground for 23-year old Lautner since the Twilight movies came to an end in 2012. Indeed, since the days of Jakob ended, Taylor has only made a cameo appearance in the comedy Grown Ups 2.

“Afterwards things closed down a little bit. If you’re being honest you have to rebrand yourself. It’s part of the territory when you’re part of something so iconic. People tend to see you in that way, but as an actor it’s important to do different things.”

In his professional downtime, Lautner has still had his fair share of rumors. As the Inquisitr reported back in January, when he split from Tracers co-star Marie Avgeropoulos, and was seen in a couple of Hollywood’s gay bars, people yet again got to gossiping about Taylor’s sexual preferences. However, as the New York Post recently reported, Lautner – who has in the past dated such starlets as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez – has left singledom once again and is now dating model Raina Lawson.

Tracers seems to be the start of Taylor’s return to regular filming, though he hasn’t quite left Twilight entirely behind, given the two movies’ shared producers. Nor has he left behind his willingness to train hard for a role. Just as his werewolf days saw him necessarily bulking up in the gym for that sizzlingly hot body, so this weekend’s parkour action flick had Lautner undergo four months of specialist training (he even has a scarred rib cage – thanks to a fence – to prove it).

Taylor has just finished shooting Soham Meta’s indie drama Run The Tide and is currently working on Adam Sandler’s Netflix film, The Ridiculous Six (a parody of The Magnificent Seven), so perhaps Tracers will propel not just Lautner’s body but his career back into the spotlight – and once again into fans’ hearts.

[Image courtesy of Just Jared.]