Maria, Miley Dinner Date: Miley Cyrus Shows How Serious She Is About Patrick By Toning It Down

Maria Shriver and Miley Cyrus shared dinner earlier this week, and now people are buzzing about Miley's future with Maria's son, Patrick Schwarzenegger. According to Mail Online, Miley dressed conservatively for the outing with Maria Shriver and her two sons on Wednesday night.

During the night out in Los Angeles, Miley decided to go with simple and classy with her little black dress. Miley even kept her makeup for the night understated, with only a light touch of pink to her lips.

Some have taken note of this and feel it is a sign that Miley and Patrick are indeed taking their relationship seriously, and that means marriage is not too out of the question.

Hollywood Life did share some insider comments about the possibility of marriage for the couple, but it is always best to take comments from the site with a grain of salt.

"They are not engaged, she would say 'Yes' if he asked. They have talked about it, but they are going to continue being a couple without the officialness of engagement or marriage for a while. [A child] actually might happen before any type of marriage. Miley is ready for a kid, Patrick not so much. The way their relationship is going they could easily have a kid before marriage."
Miley and Patrick have only been together as a couple for five months, and Maria Shriver was not too happy about the relationship when the pair first started dating. However, Maria appears to have changed her mind about the singer.

Fashion & Style did share some more insider gossip about Maria and Miley's relationship now, and it looks like Miley managed to bring Maria around.

"Maria is a very hard egg to crack. But now she sees that the relationship isn't just a passing fad or phase, so she has warmed up quite a bit and is starting to respect Miley as a person. Patrick has really shown that he hasn't changed by being with Miley and Maria is very happy with that. Maria just doesn't want her son to get his heart broken but it looks like everyone is in a good place right now."
Maria Shriver is not the only one warming up to a relationship between Miley and Patrick. His sister, Katherine Schwarzenegger, could not help but gush about Miley and Patrick in an interview with Extra TV.
"I think they're adorable. You just want your sibling to be happy, if they're with someone who makes them happy and in a happy healthy relationship then I'm happy."
Patrick and Miley have definitely looked happy when the paparazzi has caught them out together. Back in January, the couple vacationed in Hawaii together, and the press took several photos of the couple. They played and laughed on the beach together during the outing, and they did not shy away at all from the public displays of affection.

Miley and Patrick have been at the center of a lot of rumors when it comes to their relationship. Pregnancy rumors were shot down by Miley when she shared a mock photo of a fake sonogram on Instagram.

However, it is clear that Miley is trying to impress Maria. The toned down dress is just one of the ways she is trying to show the woman how serious she is when it comes to her relationship with the 21-year-old Patrick.

TMZ reported on the couple's date night with his mother, and they shared a bit more about Miley's behavior around Maria.

"Multiple sources connected with Miley and Patrick tell us their relationship is intense. Miley is going out of her way to impress Patrick's mom, Maria Shriver, and it goes beyond dressing conservatively when Miley's around her. The conversations do not resemble what Miley puts out on social media."
Miley did not have to work so hard to impress Arnold Schwarzenegger. He approved of the relationship since back in December, according to Us Weekly. Patrick took Miley on a ski trip with his friends, and she met Arnold during that trip. He approved of the relationship between the pair immediately.

What about Miley's music career? According to Hollywood Life, the singer does not plan to release an album this year. She is busy in the studio though.

"She is recording, trying out new music but she doesn't anticipate to have a new album this year. She may drop a single here and there but she wants to have an album that surpasses Bangerz and she knows that will take some time to achieve. It is a major process that she wants to end up being perfect!"
Right now, it seems like Miley's focus is on her personal life. What do you think of the new toned down Miley Cyrus? Are you surprised that Maria Shriver has accepted her relationship with Patrick?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]