Life ‘Under The Dome’ Will Continue In A Third Season

When Under The Dome ended its second season in September, it left many viewers hanging on the edges of their seats and wondering when, if ever, the show would return. It has taken some time, but CBS has announced that Under The Dome will be returning, though it will no longer be a familiar Monday night staple. Instead, International Business Times reports that Under The Dome will take up a new time slot, starting with its two-hour premiere on Thursday, June 25.

“See!!! And y’all were worried,” Mike Vogel (AKA Dale “Barbie” Barbara) tweeted to his Under The Dome fans. “See ya next year under that big bubble… or not.”

After such a long break, fans might have a hard time remembering just where Under The Dome left off in that second season finale. The residents of Chester’s Mill, tired of waiting for outside help, followed Barbie through the subterranean cave in the hope that it would lead them out and beyond the dome’s reach. All seemed lost, when they came upon an immense boulder blocking their path. As is usually the case under the dome, a butterfly served as their savior, landing on the boulder and causing it to crack in half.

The dome, as usual, took its share of sacrifices. Pauline (Sherry Stringfield), Rebecca (Karla Crome), and Andrea (Dale Raoul) all met their demises under the dome, with Rebecca and Andrea dying at the hands of Big Jim. Speaking of that, Big Jim was left behind and will still be trapped under the dome when Season 3 begins. Big Jim isn’t alone, unfortunately. Julia (Rachelle Lafevre) and Junior (Alexander Koch) are also trapped under the dome, with Barbie determined to find a way to get them out.

With the essential facts laid out, where does that leave Under The Dome fans? For starters, there will be some new additions to Under The Dome‘s cast. Recent leaks have revealed that Emmy-Award-winning actress Marg Helgenberger, formerly of CSI, will be joining the cast. Executive producer Neal Baer has also revealed that Kylie Bunbury has been cast in the role of Eva Sinclair.

“Eva Sinclair is a beautiful, young anthropologist who has mysteriously arrived in Chester’s Mill … How she got there and what her relationship is with Barbie—and how she will come between him and Julia—will be revealed, providing stunning answers to why the Dome dropped over Chester’s Mill.”

There have been so few spoilers to come out, and even the fact of a third season has come as a surprise to many, so hopefully the new season will help to clear up some of the more complex questions surrounding the dome and its purpose. After all, we still don’t know who exactly dropped the dome in the first place. Under The Dome fans can hopefully expect more news as the season premiere draws closer.

Also slowly coming forward with new updates is the feature film reboot of Stephen King’s It, which director Cary Fukunaga describes as vicious.

CBS will premiere Under The Dome‘s third season on Thursday, June 25, at 9 p.m. EST

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