New Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Will Be ‘Vicious’

Arguably one of the best novel-to-film Stephen King adaptations is It, and, though the years Tim Curry’s portrayal of that heinous clown Pennywise has become as notorious as the Stephen King novel, itself Now It is getting a reboot, and rumors are beginning to surface that have already begun to pique the curiosity of King fans.

According to Screen Crush, director Cary Fukunaga’s two-part feature film adaptation of the Stephen King novel will focus on the development of the main characters with the same care King himself used in creating them within the novel. Like the Stephen King book, this new adaptation will be meticulous in exploring the characters’ childhood fears and perilous experiences in dealing with the evil entity, who often represented himself as Pennywise the Clown.

The film’s producer, Seth Grahame-Smith, has already confirmed that the filming process has moved into production rather quickly with a script that promises to deliver a frightening experience for theatergoers.

“I think that if anything, [the new film] will bring back some of the viciousness of the book that they couldn’t do with the miniseries because it was for broadcast. I think it’s going to be very scary, but I also feel like you’ve got Cary who is going to direct these kids—and he’s incredible at casting, incredible at shooting. He’s incredible with tone and atmosphere.”

Seth Grahame-Smith told IGN that Cary Fukunaga’s writing team are working hard at polishing the first script, and there is also a deal in place for them to do the second half of the two-part King adaptation as well.

“Our hope is to prep sometime in the next few months and shoot in the summer. That one is as much on the runway as we can possibly be. I know New Line is ready to go.”

A theatrical release will allow the film to explore more deeply some of the more disturbing and strange elements of the King novel which the TV version was unable to touch upon, but the filmmakers also hope to explore more deeply the candid coming-of-age aspects that were so integral to the Mr. King’s novel.

In addition to Tim Curry, the 1990 miniseries also starred Dennis Christopher, John Ritter, and Annette O’Toole. While there is no word on the cast of this latest adaptation of Stephen’s work, the filmmakers have expressed a desire to use a younger, more socially relevant compliment of actors.

Stephen King was recently featured in the news when it was announced that his novel Mr. Mercedes is being adapted for a television series.

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