Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Intimidated And Terminated By A Little Girl Named Emma Cheng

Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently found a type of contest where he does not want to “be back.” Competing against a little 7-year-old boy named Ethan Fang and an 8-year-old girl named Emma Cheng, the Terminator supposedly felt “uncomfortable” and managed to be terminated multiple times.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator movies will definitely be back, and the “Ahnold” recently announced he was going to begin filming in 2016.

Both of the whiz kids faced off against Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Kids Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio. In this case, the Terminator found his match when it came to the game of chess. Despite being so young, Emma has been playing chess since she was five and is one of the state’s top-ranked girl players.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Emma admitted she was a “little bit nervous” to be going up against the Hollywood superstar, but apparently even Schwarzenegger was intimidated by the though of taking on only a little girl.

“Arnold felt uncomfortable playing one little girl so they asked to pick a little boy, too,” explained Ethan Fang’s father, Ning.

Both kids belong to CCL, a Columbus-based chess coaching school, and Ethan is ranked 17th in the nation for his age level. Arnold must have felt the pressure of losing to two little kids in front of hundreds of people, because all of the sudden the organizers shifted the chess match to the back of the building.

“Just when we were about to start Arnold said, ‘No, I’m not going to play them in front of this big audience,'” said CCL owner Alan Casden. “Maybe he found out that they’re really good, I don’t know.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger forfeited both matches after only half an hour, but Ethan’s father says it was pretty clear who was on the winning side.

“Ethan captured a couple pieces of Arnold’s. He had one more pawn than Arnold had and some minor pieces,” Fang said according to Cincinnati. “He had more chance to win.”

The kids were disappointed by the forfeiture, but the actor did spend some more time speaking with the kids and signing autographs. Ethan admits he liked the old photo’s of Arnold’s bodybuilding competition years, and now the boy says he would not mind being just like that.

Despite the beating, Arnold Schwarzenegger should not feel too bad. Even some of the best computer AI chess programs have lost to the human grandmasters, so how could the lowly Terminator hope to compete?