CEO of RyanAir Mocks Laid Off Workers [Video]

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of low cost airline Ryanair proved how little class he has today. While walking into an airport in Spain, he walked past a group of protestors who were outside protesting the sudden closure of Spainair, O’Leary flashed them the victory symbol. He then went inside the airport and had this to say,

“I’d like to thank all of our fans outside for helping us to promote the arrival of Ryanair in Bilbao today,”

O’leary has always been an eclectic character, and a darling of the media…for all the wrong reasons.

He has instituted a company policy that employees are not permitted to charge their cellphones while at work. His reasoning? It is a theft of company electricity. He also wanted to close all bathrooms in the plane except for one and begin charging for access to that.

He also came up with a doozy. He wants to start offering in air porn. That is correct, in air porn. Citing the money that hotels currently make by offering access to adult films he wants to start offering the service on the planes. A passenger will be able to purchase a token card which can be used on your iPad or laptop computer. I wonder if that comes with a complimentary trip to the bathroom.

The issue that he is not taking into account is privacy. I don’t know what woman would feel comfortable sitting next to a passenger who was watching porn on the flight next to her, but maybe that is just me.

Do you think the CEO of Ryanair went too far by mocking the laid off workers of a competitor?

Here is a video about Ryanair and seatbelts

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