Mom Shoots Intruder In Her Home While Baby Sleeps

A Newport News, Virginia, mom shoots an intruder as her baby sleeps soundly. A woman known as “Allie” says she had just laid her baby down before a terrible scene unfolded in her home Wednesday night. It was only about an hour before the intruder showed up that her husband — a police officer — left for work, writes Opposing Views.

Allie recalls hearing someone knocking on the front door, then fiddling with the doorknob. He was yelling outside in a voice that made her think this strange man was intoxicated. He was saying that someone was trying to kill him and that he had to be let in. Looking through the door’s peephole, Allie says she didn’t recognize the man. So, she made sure the doors were locked, dialed 911, and ran to get her gun. While she retrieved her firearm, the man managed to break inside the house.

The mom tells News Channel 3 that she’s relieved her daughter was out of the scene when the intruder burst in.

“It was only about 30 minutes that I had her down before this all happened. She could have been in here playing and he could have busted in and fell on her or anything. All I knew is I wanted to stop him from hurting me or hurting my daughter.”

According to Allie, the intruder looked high on drugs and was ready to attack. He was acting erratically, but she was able to take aim and fire the gun. The mom shot the intruder before he was able to do anyone real harm.

“There was nothing else to do. He was coming at me so I shot,” she said.

The intruder was shot twice: one bullet struck his hand and went into his stomach and other struck him in the groin area. The 25-year-old suspect is suffering life-threatening injuries and will most likely face burglary charges if he survives.

Everything happened around 10:30 p.m. Despite the suspect being shot and in the hospital, Allie is glad it wasn’t she or her daughter that wound up there. The mom who shot the intruder admits that this experience may have shown her strength in a potentially deadly situation, but it doesn’t lend much comfort.

“It doesn’t make it too much easier to know that I can totally handle my worse fear. But along the same lines, it makes me feel more confident I was able to do what I needed to do.”

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