Girl Bullied To The Point Of Suicide Receives Apology From Bully

An 11-year-old schoolgirl who was bullied so severely she almost committed suicide has spoken frankly about her ordeal, after her bullies apologized and vowed not to abuse her anymore.

Life at school has been hell for Abby Kirk, who attends the Driffield School in the UK, as she was tormented, called names, had food thrown at her, and even pushed down stairs on a daily basis.

Things reportedly got so bad that Abby was threatened with rape and even placed on suicide watch due to the levels of sustained abuse she received.

After the bullies were told what their behavior was doing to poor Abby, they had a moment of guilt and vowed not to torment her anymore.

As her mother Rachel told reporters in Britain, “It’s early days but I was pleased by the reaction. Lots of kids, especially the older ones, came up to her and said they didn’t realise she felt that way. They told her they would look after her. She even got a letter of ­apology from the girl who called her a fat peasant. She said she had been angry and didn’t think about what an impact her words could have had. She told Abby she’d look after her and was genuinely sorry. It was a lovely letter which really meant a lot to Abby. It showed what a nice person she was. Her mum talked to me and said she was horrified at what had happened to Abby.”

Abby, who was been called names like fat and ugly since she started the East Yorks school in September, is also feeling positive about the new regime, as she said, “I’ve made some new friends and feel happier than I have for a while. No one has called me names for two days now.”

Abby added that she is thrilled about possibly attending school without the fear of being abused.

“Things are better since I spoke out. It’s all thanks to mum. I am still getting bullied a bit but not so much. I feel I’ve a lot of support I didn’t have before. I’ve been told I am brave for speaking out, which makes me feel good.”

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