Threat Of Terror Attack In Ghana Is A Hoax

A text message has been doing the rounds on social media, advising of an imminent terror attack in Ghana by 73 Nigerians carrying bombs who were allegedly about to invade the West African country.

The text message said that two of the alleged terrorists had been caught, but appealed to everyone in Ghana to be wary of strangers and to avoid overcrowding.

“The information reaching our ministry just now is that 73 Nigerians arrived in Ghana with fake traveling passports claiming to be Ghanaians, two were caught, but 71 escaped and after screening the two that were caught, they found out they were having bomb on them [sic].”

According to Graphic Online, the message, allegedly signed by Inspector Dan K.J. Amsah, continued to say that police were running an investigation to find the terrorists and also urged everyone to pass the message on to their friends and relatives.

“We are seriously into an investigation to find out where exactly those people might be hiding because we heard they have already attacked a mall village near Danyi, near Greater Accra Region. We are therefore informing the public to inform us immediately you get any information about these people. Inform us through our police number 999. House owners, hotel managers and other institutions should, therefore, inform the police as soon as possible when there is any doubt.”

The following tweet leads to a Facebook post of the hoax.

According to Ghana Web, one error stood out right away. They quoted the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent of Police Cephas Arthur, as saying that it was the emergency number quoted on social media. The message listed 999 as the number to phone, although the actual police emergency number in Ghana is 911.

Arthur said in a press statement that this was a “definite hoax” and “an attempt to cause fear and panic in the country. We are safe.”

He added that the actual ministry which purportedly issued the message was not stated in the message and that it had “no credible source.”

Rumors of terror attacks in Ghana are reportedly nothing new, and according to the police, it was only the fact that the message was re-tweeted and shared so much on social media that gave it any credibility.

Meanwhile, Police Administration and National Security sources have indicated that investigations continue into finding out who started the rumors of a terrorist attack.

In recent news, Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, was quoted as calling for concerted efforts by members of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) to prevent terrorism in West Africa.

“We need to help our sister countries deal with the threat of terrorism before they travel down to us and also share security intelligence among ourselves.”

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[Image: Independence Square, Accra, Ghana CC by-SA 3.0 Rjruiziii]

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