Amy's Kitchen: Who's Ready For An Organic Fast Food Drive-Thru?

Amy's Kitchen is opening an entirely vegetarian, almost entirely organic version of the classic drive-thru restaurant that busy Americans love. While McDonald's struggles with earnings and hopes to win back clients who are making healthier choices for themselves by promising antibiotic-free chicken nuggets, healthier milk, and -- if we're lucky - some organic options, Amy's Kitchen is about to take on the west coast with healthier versions of burgers, french fries, pizza, burritos and milk shakes.

Amy's is one of the best recognized brands of organic and non-GMO foods. In fact, Amy's has ranked fifth among all frozen food companies in a survey done by a Chicago firm, according to Eat Local Grown.

The food brand plans to open Amy's drive-thru this spring in California, according to the Press Democrat. The location of Amy's first drive-thru restaurant will be on Redwood Drive in Rohnert Park, only a block away from the very popular, ultra-classic In-N-Out Burger restaurant. Organic lovers and vegetarians are excited.

The only non-organic items that will be for sale at Amy's new drive-thru will be the sodas, but even those will be completely preservative-free.

The price range will be competitive with other fast food drive-thru restaurants' pricing. An organic veggie burger will cost around three bucks, and for less than ten, patrons will be able to get crispy, organic fries cooked in sunflower oil, a shake, and a double cheese burger. Not only will Amy's food be organic, according to the Press Democrat, everything on the menu can be altered so that is it either vegan or gluten-free. Imagine a fast food drive-thru with dairy-free shakes and rice-flour hamburger buns. With so many children on special diets for ADHD, autism and food allergies, this news is making moms across the nation cross their fingers that maybe Amy's will open a drive-thru in their city.

Andy Berliner explained that some of the healthier fast food restaurants that have popped up across the nation leave most Americans confused. Amy's Drive Thru, he says, will make sure that when you arrive at the drive-thru window, "you're not going to have any questions." He also believes that the drive-thru experience will allow the company to reach many more customers than a casual, dine-in only, healthy choice. Moms on-the-go are expected in droves, because social media and surveys indicate that a rapidly growing number of mothers want organic, color-free, chemical-free, convenient food for their children.

Andy and Rachel Berliner, Amy's founders, will be letting patrons get their first tastes of the "new classics" that will be offered at the drive-thru only a month before the company's namesake, Amy Berliner, gets married. There is no set plan for opening up a chain of Amy's Drive Thru restaurants, but the Berliners say that the blue prints are there, and as restaurant consultant Aaron Allen explained to the Press Democrat, "It's a multibillion-dollar carrot dangling out there for someone to get."According to the all new, Amy's Drive Thru website, Amy's Drive Thru is currently still hiring. Amy's Kitchen's website also indicates plenty of job openings within the main company actually, including a social media manager for Amy's Drive Thru.
"Send your resume and better yet, show us why you belong at Amy's. Tag your photos #workforAmys"
How much do you want to bet the Berliners will pay Amy's Drive Thru employees a living wage?

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