Tablet Deals: The Best Specials Not To Miss In March

Tablet deals, specials, and sales are an excellent way to add something new to your device collection without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. We are keeping our eyes peeled and have gathered several excellent tablet deals you simply must learn about.

Last time, the Inquisitr published such deals back in February, but then they were on a rather expensive side.

“Samsung is ahead of other brands when it comes to phones and tablets. The Samsung Galaxy NotePRO is one of the best products out there, according to the report. It’s currently available for $494.50 at Currys.”

Today, however, we’ve prepared some really fantastic bargains.

Microsoft is currently selling 32 GB HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 Signature Edition 7-inch Tablet, complete with a free year of Office 365 (which normally itself costs $69.99), $25 gift card and free shipping for mere $75. The cost listed on the website is $75, but Tech Times offers a method of bringing it down.

“After adding the tablet to your cart, use your phone to send a text to the number 29502 with the word MSSTORE in your text. You will immediately receive a unique 5 percent off promo code to be entered at checkout. Once you enter your code, your total will be adjusted from $79 to $75.05, plus free shipping.”

According to TechReport, Nvidia is getting rid of its Shield Tablet prior to refreshing its stock.

“The 32GB, LTE-equipped version of the 8” Tegra K1 slate is now part of a $399.99 bundle that includes a folding cover, wireless controller, and Android ports of Portal, Half-Life 2, and HL2: Episode One.

Now, it usually costs the same, but the freebies amount to $130 on their own, so if it is your thing, you better hurry up.

Dell Venue 8 7000, a surprisingly powerful 8-inch tablet, is currently sold in Dell Store for $449 (normal price – $490), plus free shipping. It is an excellent choice for those who like to combine power with compact size, and there is another feature that is especially attractive for digital photographers: an Intel RealSense depth camera on the back.

It seems that a lot of manufacturers are cleaning up their stores in preparation to impending resupply; for the buyers, however, it means a lot of opportunities to get outstanding tablet deals and get shiny new gadgets.