WWE News: Update On The Ascension — Has WWE Lost Faith In The Tag-Team?

It’s only been three months since The Ascension made their debut on WWE’s main roster, and it appears that WWE has already lost faith in the team, as they haven’t been seen or heard from on WWE television in several weeks, and they won’t be competing in the multi-team, tag-team championship match at WrestleMania.

Shortly after The Ascension made their WWE debut, there were several reports that Vince McMahon was telling JBL to bury the team during their matches, and that’s exactly what JBL did. As for why Vince McMahon was telling JBL to bury the team, well, the rumor is that Vince was angry with them when they botched a line in one of their promos and never got over it.

Also, longtime WWE fans were very critical of The Ascension’s gimmick, and felt that they were a cheap rip off of the Road Warriors. So, the lack of originality definitely has hurt the team.

The original idea for The Ascension once they got called up to the main roster wasn’t for them to be a “Road Warriors rip off.” When WWE decided to break up the Wyatt Family, the idea was to have The Ascension replace Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and actually have a feud with the two former members of the Wyatt Family. There’s a chance that the team could end up joining Bray Wyatt after WrestleMania, but as of right now, WWE doesn’t have any new ideas for them, and it’s likely that they will be off of WWE television for a while.

There’s no official word on why WWE has grown tired of The Ascension, but they do feel like the tag-team isn’t working. Most people aren’t surprised that the team didn’t end up working on the main roster, as they were pretty much booked to fail from the beginning.

It’s possible that The Ascension could be sent back down to NXT, but it’s as both men are in their mid-30’s — Konnor 35, Viktor 34 — and this is Konnor’s second shot in WWE. The more likely scenario is that WWE gives them another shot on the main roster before giving up on them completely if they fail on the main roster once again.

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