WWE News: JBL Reportedly Told To Bury The Ascension On The Announce Desk

I think most would agree by now that WWE NXT has shown some promise. Many are excited about the future of WWE, due to how good the programming has been with NXT. That said, people who come from NXT now have a ton of pressure. They have to come up and remain just as over as they were in developmental. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. In the case of The Ascension, a lot can be said about them as a team. The problem is, the material they have been given on the main roster is lackluster.

WWE has given them squash matches with local jobbers at each event and given them over-theatrical material on the mic. On top of that, they have the look of Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat. I mean, the look they are going for is more evil cartoon than WWE Superstar. So from their look to their campy material, fans aren’t digging the once-promising NXT tag-team.

The fact that WWE has given them no competition each week also makes them a pee break segment.

Now it seems that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is falling a bit out of love with the team. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince told JBL to bury The Ascension on the announce desk when they messed up their campy promo a few weeks back. He has apparently been told to bury them a bit since. Many see this as a bad sign for the team’s future, but WWE is apparently not done with them yet.

WWE will probably end up giving them a lot of chances, but their campy material has turned people off a lot. Also, the lack of actual teams facing them has not done them any favors. If that continues, fans will continue not to care about them. In order to get boos, they had to say they were the best tag team who ever lived. They are not getting much of a reaction by crowds past that. During matches, it just seems like no one cares. That is not a good sign.

While JBL will possibly continue to bury the team off and on, he may take that back a bit when they have actual matches worth seeing. Both men in The Ascension, Konnor and Viktor, are good ring workers. They are very fun to watch when they are given something worth seeing. However, until that happens, fans will probably tune out. WWE needs to figure out something to do with them, and fast. If not, things won’t turn out well for them.

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