Party-Goer Who Stabbed Man Who Wanted To Take His Drinks Home Is Jailed

A female party-goer, who got upset when one of the guests wanted to take his unopened booze home, has been jailed after she stabbed him in the stomach, almost taking his life.

The altercation started at an alcohol-filled party in the UK, when the victim, Samuel Madden, took his unopened bottles. This infuriated Samantha Houlgrave, who drove a nine-inch blade into Madden’s stomach in a moment of rage.

Following the stabbing, Madden underwent extensive surgery to save his life which was threatened by internal bleeding. He has reportedly been left scarred both physically and mentally as a result of the frenzied attack.

DC Rob Sledge, who was involved with the case, told reporters, “They had both been drinking at Houlgrave’s house. It was a house party gone wrong. Mr Madden decided to leave and he wanted to take the drinks he had paid for with him. Houlgrave objected. She said she picked the knife up off the grass outside the house and she forgot she had it in her hand. She said she went to push Mr Madden away and that is when she stabbed him.”

Regarding the stabbing victim’s condition, Sledge added, “He will have life-long scarring and has had to have a lot of extensive surgical intervention. Mr Madden has been really lucky because the surgeon said if the knife had gone in half an inch either side of where it did, he would be dead.”

Houlgrave was convicted by a jury of causing grievous bodily harm to her victim after a prolonged five-day trial at Preston Crown Court. She was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, plus a further three on an extended licence.

The convicted woman also failed to curry favor with Judge Jacqueline Beech, after the courtroom needed to be evacuated when Houlgrave lit a cigarette in the bathroom, causing the smoke alarms to go off.

Judge Russell said about that little disruption, “It needs to be understood that it could well be a contempt of court either to bring items to court which should not be brought and certainly, to use them in a way which results in disrupting proceedings.”

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