WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Teases Match With CM Punk

As he continues to train and prepare for his upcoming debut with the UFC, former WWE champion CM Punk is still a relevant topic in the wrestling world. The latest man to discuss the controversial superstar is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, as he teased a match between the two men on the latest edition of Inside MMA.

Austin, 50, teased a match between himself and Punk for several years. While still under contract with WWE, Punk stated on numerous occasions his desired to wrestle Austin.

However, since Punk is no longer with the company, a match between a UFC fighter and 50-year-old man is unlikely. But Austin still has high praise for Punk.

“I like what he brings to the ring. Very controlled, very precise, great psychology. Half the battle is, you got to be in an angle that grabs people by their heart and souls to get people in the building. CM Punk cuts a great promo. Him spinning off me, me spinning off him, that means money.”

At this point, it’s next to impossible that we’ll see a match between Punk and Austin happen outside of a WWE video game. Austin teased a return to the ring for the past 12 years after wrestling his last match against The Rock at Wrestlemania 19. Therefore, if he hasn’t laced up his boots to this point, he likely never will.

As for Punk, the controversy surrounding his departure from WWE has been well documented. The longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era made it clear that he has no desire or intention to return to WWE as he slims down to fight in the UFC.

The time when many suspected that a match pitting the face of the Attitude Era against the “Best in the World” came when both men sat down for an exclusive interview with Jim Ross to promote WWE 12. The tension could be cut with a knife as both men never took their eyes off each other.

Just because there appeared to be tension on-screen doesn’t mean that Austin harbored any ill will toward Punk. In fact, the three-time winner of the Royal Rumble wishes nothing but the best for Punk as he draws closer to his first fight.

“It remains to be seen. I’ll be cheering for him. It’s not like we’re best friends, but I am wishing him well. I’ll be real excited to see his debut.”

It’s sad for wrestling fans who dreamed of seeing both of these men brawling against each other that a match hasn’t happened. For some reason, we just never got that match. However, if there ever comes a time where the stars align and the timing is right, Austin is right on money to say that a match against Punk would mean a lot of green for all involved parties.

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