7 Year Old Kicks and Screams Her Way Out Of Kidnapping [Video]

Brittney Baxter is 7 years old, but she was strong enough to fight her way out of a kidnapping at a local Wal-Mart.

Thomas Andrew Woods was allegedly walking through Wal-Mart in the Georgia city of Brennen on Wednesday when he saw Baxter looking at the Bratz dolls. He rushed the little girl and threw his hand over her mouth, picked her up and tried to walk away with her.

Authorities used the surveillance videos to identify Woods and then parking lot cameras to identify his car. He was tracked down to his house a few miles away and arrested.

The surveillance camera shows woods trying to subdue Baxter and walk out of the store with her. She put up a hell of a fight causing the would be kidnapper to drop her and leave.

Baxter told CBS Atlanta,

“I was kicking and screaming, and then he put his hand over my mouth, but I kept kicking.”

Woods was recently released from prison for an involuntary manslaughter charge he was convicted of when he was seventeen. He is currently on parole. He claims he had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Baxter.

According to MyFoxAtlanta Woods started screaming when he got arrested,

“I didn’t touch anybody. I didn’t bother nobody. I was never there,”

Woods is charged with attempted kidnapping.

There have been a string of attempted kidnappings of young children across the United States that have been thwarted by very smart children. Because of the likelihood that a kidnapper of a young child will not return the child or even let them go for fear of getting caught parents need to teach children to put up a fight and scream for help if confronted.

How brave do you think little Brittney Baxter is?

The surveillance footage of the attempted kidnapping

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