Will Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Be The Next Celebrities To Tie The Knot?

When the romance between Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger first blossomed, no one really paid it any attention. Not really. Even the media assumed it was just a thing that would burn itself out in a matter of months, but it now seems Miley and Patrick have something far more serious. How serious? TMZ reports that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger have actually been discussing a deeper commitment, telling friends that they plan to get married in the future.

Some still have their doubts, but, according to sources close to both Miley and Patrick, the couple is taking their relationship far more seriously than it had seemed in the past. For her part, Miley Cyrus has been seen putting a determined effort into impressing Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver. Cyrus’ efforts to impress Schwarzenegger’s mother go far beyond the conservative outfits she’s so recently been seen wearing to dinner dates with Ms. Shriver, states Vanity Fair. The conversations between Maria and Miley are far more in depth and poignant than the posts Ms. Cyrus makes on her social media accounts for her fans’ consumption. It seems that Miley has been showing a side of herself to the Schwarzeneggers that much of the public had hoped to see for quite some time.

Miley Cyrus hasn’t had to put as much effort into impressing all of the Schwarzenegger clan. Katherine Schwarzenegger told Extra that she thinks Cyrus is an adorable girl and that Miley has a very positive effect on Patrick.

“You just want your sibling to be happy, if they’re with someone who makes them happy and in a happy healthy relationship then I’m happy.”

As for the patriarch of the Schwarzeneggers, Arnold has already been won over by the young pop singer, according to reports in US Weekly. Sources close to the family have said that a vacation in Idaho provided a bonding experience between Mr. Schwarzenegger and Cyrus.

“He’s happy for Patrick and was thrilled that Patrick introduced him to Miley.”

There are certainly no set plans at this point, but Cyrus and Patrick are both invested in the relationship and take their commitment to one another far more seriously than anyone had previously considered. If there was any doubt in the past, their impassioned kiss at the USC Football game was enough proof for any Miley-Schwarzenegger doubters out there. Take a look at their PDA for yourself.

Wedding bells for Miley and Patrick may not be as far off in the future as we think.