Apple Engineer Finally Explains MacBook, ‘Steve Jobs Would Have Fired Us All’ [Video]

Apple MacBook

A parody video going viral on Youtube shows us how the Apple MacBook came to be, despite its flaws and high price. Even though the story seems so believable, that’s actually not a former Apple employee.

According to ABC News, the “Apple engineer” in the video is actually Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja nicknamed “El Risitas,” which mean “The Giggles” in English — you can probably guess how he got the name. The video was taken from an old talk show interview.

The interview and Apple engineer may be fake, but the MacBook quirks discussed in the video are all too real.

As the “Apple engineer” explains while trying to control his infectious laughter, “Jony [Apple’s head design guy] hands Tim the laptop and he forgot to mill out the extra USB ports… No USB ports… Imbecile.”

The new MacBook announced on Monday really does have just one USB-C port. It also doesn’t have a lot of power, and it is $1,299.

As El Risitas put it, “Steve Jobs would have fired us all the minute he would have picked up the laptop!”

Still, that’s not the whole story. According to USA Today, Tim Cook explained at the product’s positive points at an Apple press event in San Francisco.

“We challenged ourselves to reinvent the notebook – and we did it.”

The new MacBook is designed to be lightweight and thin, with an amazing display and extra long battery life. Of course, to achieve those objectives some compromises had to be made. Nevertheless, at just two pounds, half-an-inch thick, and a better-than-HD 2304 x 1440 resolution display, it did succeed in a few ways.

And it really does come in a gold color.

As for El Risitas, the Guardian reports that the video has launched him from obscurity in America to one of the most meme-able characters around. It may not have been a good promotion for the Apple MacBook, but El Risitas is becoming a parody legend.

Some even believe that El Risitas may soon take the place of Adolf Hitler as the go-to spoof character. One of those people is Adolf Hitler himself, according to this video.

The original Apple MacBook video was posted on Wednesday, but has already hit almost 3 million views, and more El Risitas videos will likely come streaming onto Youtube shortly.

[Image Credit: Youtube]