Tyler Baltierra Of ‘Teen Mom’ Opens Up About New Project

Tyler Baltierra is best known for being on the hit MTV show Teen Mom, but this dad is more than just a reality show star. He and his fiancé, Catelynn Lowell, recently wrote a memoir, titled Conquering Chaos, which details their lives before the MTV cameras came. Now, Tyler plans to continue his passion for writing and is currently writing a novel.

Unlike Conquering Chaos, the currently untitled book will be a work of fiction. Tyler says the book will be about a girl who is addicted to heroin. While the couple was able to finish Conquering Chaos quickly, Tyler Baltierra admits to Radar Online that he does not have a set plan for his new book.

“I don’t have a set plan. I don’t want to be pressured to finish it. I want to write freely and at my own pace.”

Writing a book can be time-consuming, and right now, Tyler Baltierra has a lot on his plate. His fiancé, Catelynn Lowell, recently gave birth to their daughter, Novalee. Aside from being a dad to his little girl, Tyler is also busy filming with MTV for Teen Mom OG. After four seasons of the show, MTV decided to bring back the original cast, including Catelynn and Tyler.

In Conquering Chaos, Tyler Baltierra opened up about some very troubling childhood events. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Tyler opened up about his suicide attempt at the age of 12. The book also delved into many other dark parts of the couple’s lives and helped to show viewers a different side of Tyler and Catelynn, one that fans have not seen on Teen Mom.

Aside from being a dad, a reality show star, and a writer, according to Wetpaint, Tyler is currently in college. While he and his fiancé teamed up for Conquering Chaos, Catelynn admits that writing isn’t something that is her favorite and another collaboration may not be in the works anytime soon.

“Maybe in the future when I have my degree. But writing is not my favorite!”

Tyler, on the other hand, admits that writing is something he enjoys, adding that he likes to be creative.

Teen Mom OG will return to MTV on March 23. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra will be back on the show along with the rest of the original cast members. Cate’s pregnancy and the birth of their daughter will be talked about on the all-new season.

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