Butler’s Bulldog Barfs On The Court Before Big East Tournament Game Against Xavier

Butler's Bulldog Barfs On The Court During Big East Tournament

When your bulldog barfs on the court before one of the biggest games of the year, it’s apparently a bad sign of things to come.

The Butler Bulldogs were about to face off against Xavier University in the Big East Tournament on Thursday when their bulldog mascot got a little too excited under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden. The bulldog, named Blue III, barfed on the court shortly before tip-off, prompting a quick cleanup.

The Butler bulldog later tweeted about the barfing incident on his official page, explaining that he just got caught up in the moment.

The bad start was something of an omen for Butler. Though the Bulldogs jumped out to an early lead, Xavier stayed close and used a late rally to force overtime. From there Xavier took over, winning 67-61.

“We anticipated it was probably going to come down to the last 5 minutes,” Bulldogs coach Chris Holtmann said. “We certainly would have liked to have more quality possessions when we had the lead than what we did. Again, you have to give them some credit for making some plays.”

Though the loss was a bit of an upset — Butler is ranked No. 22 in the nation — Holtmann said he’s not surprised it was a close game.

“I think any time you play a team that has a lot of familiarity with each other, it’s bone on bone,” Holtmann said. “It comes down to, can you make free throws? Can you take care of the ball a little bit better? Xavier did a better job than us tonight.”

After the game, fans and media publications poked some fun at the Butler bulldog that barfed on the court.

Though the loss to Xavier was difficult, it’s not the end of the line for Butler. The team is expected to make the NCAA Tournament with an at-large bid. If the bulldog barfs on the court before their game in the Big Dance, however, the team could be in for some trouble.

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