P.E.T.A. Attacks Tim Burton Over ‘Dumbo’ Live-Action Reboot

The news is still fresh, just beginning to circulate the internet, that Tim Burton has been chosen to bring Dumbo to the big screen in a live-action film, and P.E.T.A. has already begun to lobby Burton with their demands for the film. The letter, sent from P.E.T.A.’s senior vice president, Lisa Lange, asks Mr. Burton to be respectful of the creatures as well as of they way elephants are treated in circuses as well as in training for film and television.

“A bullhook is a sharp metal weapon used in circuses to control elephants—and it’s the same tool used by elephant trainers in film and television. And just like in the circus, elephants used in film and television don’t perform because they want to. They perform because they’re afraid that they’ll be beaten if they don’t.”

While Ms. Lange began the letter by applauding Tim Burton’s past achievements, citing such films as Alice in Wonderland, Frankenweenie, and Corpse Bride, no doubt hoping to appeal to Tim by stroking his ego, she concluded the open letter by asking that Burton retell the story with a different ending.

“We’re hopeful that in your adaptation of Dumbo, the young elephant and his mother can have a truly happy ending by living out their lives at a sanctuary instead of continuing to be imprisoned and abused in the entertainment industry.”

While Mr. Burton has yet to respond, fans following P.E.T.A.’s comments responded with their own comments.

“Millions of cats & dogs gassed to death every year and these hypocrites are buggen’ over a movie? Hey PETA, the movie’s fiction but the dogs & cats in shelters are real. Why don’t you invest your energies saving them,” responded one fan to the Comicbook article.

“P.E.T.A., I hope they do end up in the right place in the end, out of the nasty entertainment industry and into a sanctuary. Thank you for all you do,” responded another reader.

It was announced that Tim Burton would be taking on the Dumbo project for Disney with a plan to combine live action and computer generated graphics to retell the story to a younger generations, reported the Christian Science Monitor. There is no doubt Disney is hoping Mr. Burton will recreate the success he had with bringing a darker, nightmarish Alice in Wonderland to the big screen, so it seems unlikely that P.E.T.A. can expect a bright, fluffy, and idealized version of Dumbo from the man that brought us the intensely gothic Batman and the equally dark Planet of the Apes. It’s almost certain that the ending won’t involve a lush green sanctuary and singing crows.

Currently, Tim Burton is working on sequels to two of his most popular successes, Alice in Wonderland and Beetlejuice, so it may be some time before Mr. Burton can begin work on the Dumbo reboot.

Inquisitr reported on the news that Tim Burton would take on the Dumbo reboot as it was announced.