Rodner Figueroa Fired For Michelle Obama ‘Apes’ Comment

Rodner Figueroa, host of the show “El Gordo Y la Flaca” on Univision, was fired for making a comment comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to cast members of the film The Planet of the Apes, NBC News reported today. Figueroa reportedly pointed to a picture of Michelle Obama and said, “You know Michelle Obama looks like she is of the cast of The Planet of the Apes.” Others before Figueroa, especially on internet blogs and social networking sites, have made such a comparison.

“The exchange took place during a segment on makeup transformations by a makeup artist, Paolo Ballesteros, who makes himself look like famous women celebrities,” NBC News reported about the comment by Rodner Figueroa.

Univision fired Figueroa from his role with the network, stating that there is no place for racist comments on their network.

ABC News reported on the incident, stating, “Talk show host Rodner Figueroa was fired from Univision after saying that Michelle Obama looks like someone from the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes.'”

Another host asked Figueroa what he was saying, ABC News reported, and he doubled down on the comment by saying, “but it is true.”

Univision called the comment “completely reprehensible” that also “in no way reflect the values or opinions of Univision.”

Rodner Figueroa had worked for Univision for 17 years and had hosted the show “El Gordo Y la Flaca” since 2000. Figueroa reportedly has not yet comment on his firing.

The comment by Rodner Figueroa wasn’t the first instance of racism involving Michelle Obama, the Inquisitr reported last year. Last year was a “year of racial stirring” for Obama, the articles reported.

“Michelle Obama’s complete u-turn when describing an interaction with a white lady asking for her help reaching groceries is not the first time she has used her status to misguidedly cry racism. Indeed, in May, the Inquisitr reported how Obama urged high school students to monitor their family and friends for racial insensitivity,” the Inquisitr reported.

Rodner Figueroa is not the first to be accused of racism for making derogatory remarks about the controversial First Lady, Michelle Obama. The comments he made, and many like them, are tolerated by few and are clearly the reason Figueroa was fired by Univision. Not only did Figueroa make the comment, but when asked about it by a colleague at Univision, he stuck with the comment and said it was true.

[Image of Rodner Figueroa from YouTube]