Common Shares His Favorite Foods, Fetish, And Female Body Parts

Oscar-winning rapper Common has been in the public eye for quite some time.

However, there are apparently quite a few things that many of his biggest fans and critics probably do not know about the 42-year-old rapper, born Lonnie Rashid Lynn.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Common had the chance to share 25 facts about himself that many people simply don’t know. Some of the highlights of his list of interesting facts were his favorite foods, fetish, and female body parts.

Favorite Foods

Even though he admits in the interview that he cannot cook, Common was very specific when it came to identifying his favorite foods and snacks.

“I love fish and shrimp tacos, pizza and French fries… My preferred drink is red wine or sangria… My favorite nighttime snack is gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies and rice milk.”

In another fact added to the list, the Selma actor also states that he does not like to eat macaroni and cheese.

Favorite Fetish

When it comes to fetishes, Common confessed that he is one of the many people that have one. However, the nature of the Glory rapper’s fetish is not very common — especially when compared to such popular fetishes as feet, shoes, hair, and leather.

“I have a fetish for pinching cheeks.”

Many people might think that pinching cheeks is something enjoyed by affectionate mothers and elderly grandparents. However, Common proves that stereotype wrong with his own appreciation of this specific type of pinching.

Favorite Female Body Parts

Considering the many different parts of the female body, many fans and critics might not be able to identify his absolute favorite — especially with the numerous poetic references that Common has made in his song lyrics over the years.

“My favorite body parts on a woman are eyes, lips, and thighs.”

Over the years, he has been romantically linked to numerous celebrities that shine in each of those three areas — including singer Erykah Badu, tennis star athlete Serena Williams, and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson.

Common first came into the celebrity spotlight back in the early 1990s with his rap career — especially after the critically-acclaimed release of his second album, Resurrection, in 1994.

He started to make the transition from rapper to actor with big-screen cameo appearances as himself, such as in the 2002 film Brown Sugar.

However, he cemented his presence as a Hollywood actor in 2007 by being added to the ensemble casts of Smoking Aces and American Gangster.

Common did not become an Oscar winner in last month’s award ceremony for his acting. However, many fans and critics agreed with the Academy awarding him and John Legend the Oscar for the hit song “Glory,” from Selma.

[Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]