WWE News: The Reason Why WWE Dropped The Goldust Vs. Stardust Feud

After WWE’s February pay-per-view Fastlane, it seemed pretty clear that Goldust and Stardust were going to have the blow-off match to their feud at WrestleMania. However, that won’t be happening, as Stardust has been added to the Intercontinental Championship ladder match, and Goldust is nowhere to be found. There is a chance that WWE could add Goldust to the ladder match, but as of right now, the one-on-one feud between the Rhodes brothers has been dropped.

For the past three years, both Cody Rhodes and Goldust have wanted to have a match with each other at WrestleMania, and every single year it’s been dropped. The reason why it has been dropped this year is because WWE believes that the feud between the two isn’t working, and that the WWE fans don’t care about it.

Goldust originally wanted to have his retirement match with his brother at this year’s WrestleMania, and, unfortunately for him, he won’t get his wish. Again, he could very well be added to the ladder match, as it seems that WWE is doing their best to get everyone on the active roster on the WrestleMania card — whether it’s via the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, a tag-team four-way, or in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is considering adding Goldust to the big ladder match at WrestleMania, but it’s extremely unlikely that he will actually be added.

It’s possible that Goldust and Stardust could continue their feud after WrestleMania, as WWE doesn’t believe Stardust is can be a long term gimmick for Cody Rhodes, and the purpose of the Goldust vs. Stardust feud was to eventually get Cody Rhodes back.

When Cody Rhodes created the Stardust gimmick last June, he believed that it would not only revitalize his tag-team partnership with his brother, but that it would also revitalize his career. For a very short time it worked, but now it seems that it has run its course.

There are no immediate plans to have Cody Rhodes drop the Stardust gimmick, but WWE does want to have him drop it at some point, as he was more “over” as Cody Rhodes.

Nobody has any clue what the future holds for Goldust. There were rumors several months ago that he wants to retire very soon, so he could very well be heading into retirement very soon.

[Image via WWE]