Spring Into A Little David Guetta And Emeli Sande With A Tune To Lift You Into Summer

If you’ve been hoping and dreaming for Emeli Sande to lend her voice to a David Guetta track, well, you no longer have to hope and dream. The EDM-supremo has recently released his latest single “What I Did For Love,” and he’s got Emeli Sande singing at the top of her lungs over his signature euphoric sound. The two are like peas in a pod on the track. There’s even something “King Kong-like” about the video. You’ll know what that means when you watch it.

This tune by David Guetta marks the spring season waning, as we gear up for a summer of love. David Guetta has pulled it out of the bag with this collaboration with Emeli Sande. This joint-effort ramps up the beat just enough to get you tapping your feet ready for the sunshine.

David Guetta has always expressed his love for dance music, and he is clearly enjoying his epic music career. Guetta’s pedigree dates back as far as 2002 with his debut album Just a Little More, that established his production skills in the studio. He then went into main stream success in 2009 with the release of his album, One Love.

David’s other studio album releases include: Guetta Blaster (2004), Pop Life (2007), Nothing but the Beat (2011), and Listen (2014).

These studio albums came on the heels of his produced tracks that span his entire career as showcased on Billboards online discography.

[Image credit: SONY]