'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Tyler Hoechlin Won't Be A Series Regular

Meredith Jacobs

Not everyone will be back for Teen Wolf Season 5, but that doesn't mean certain characters won't be showing up again. One cast member is no longer a series regular in the new season, but his story isn't done yet on the show.

There are changes ahead in Teen Wolf Season 5. One of them is that Tyler Hoechlin will no longer be a series regular. Executive producer Jeff Davis told Buzzfeed that this doesn't necessarily mean he won't be around at all.

"Tyler Hoechlin decided he wanted more time to pursue movies. We talked and creatively agreed that maybe this was a good season to refocus on the teens of 'Teen Wolf,' and while he won't be a series regular anymore, I can say that you probably won't have seen the last of Derek Hale."

The Season 4 finale saw Derek seemingly out of the fight with the Berserkers and seeming to be pretty much dead until a black wolf attacks Kate.

"I was evolving," Derek said to explain the transformation.

So in a way, it doesn't seem like it's going to be too difficult for them to figure out a way to write Derek out (at least for now) while the story focuses on the teens. Instead of hanging around the high school all the time, they can just have him off doing more important things, especially after his evolution. Maybe he'll even go to Europe like a couple of other werewolves.

Speaking of one such werewolf, according to Entertainment Weekly, Davis did say "we're not sure" about Daniel Sharman possibly returning as Isaac at the PaleyFest panel.

Sharman had been recurring on The Originals, but his character did die. However, he also was cast in the CBS pilot LFE.

In other Season 5 news, Davis has revealed that "one of the big cold openings is all about Lydia," and that when it comes to her love life, she "may not end up with the person you think she does at first."

When Season 4 ended, Lydia was going to help Parrish figure out just what he is, something that has been teased for some time now. Unfortunately, Davis has also revealed to Buzzfeed that while the answer may come sometime next season, it may not be in the first half.

Finally, it seems inevitable that Liam's friend Mason is going to be drawn into the supernatural world in Teen Wolf Season 5, especially after what he saw last season and after being stuck in the basement alongside Lydia with a Berserker after them. After all, there has to be only so much someone can try to explain away before someone else realizes what's really going on in that town. Davis teased that there is more coming from him in the upcoming episodes.

"We get to know him a lot better and one of the things we find out about his background is that he is the unexpected child in a family of adult siblings. So where they're all great successes, he's that kid who is sort of left out. So we discover this season that he needs a pack of his own."

Teen Wolf Season 5 will premiere in June on MTV.

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