WWE News: Triple H Allowing WWE NXT Stars To Do What They Want, Main Roster Jealousy Gets Worse

Trips NXT

We all know by now that WWE NXT has allowed us to see some amazing matches the last year or so. From the beginning, NXT brought us interesting content that was new and exciting. It allowed us to see what WWE can be instead of what it currently is. The NXT live specials in 2014 and then again in early 2015 proved that not only was NXT great but it was getting to be known as better than the main roster shows we saw weekly on major networks.

Truly NXT is a major reason to have the WWE Network, but it is proving another thing from a business standpoint. It shows us that the future of WWE is going to be very different than the present. With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now on the WWE Board of Directors, one would imagine that the two will slowly implement more and more changes. Was Randy Orton’s double salute to Seth Rollins on WWE RAW a way of starting this? Potentially.

Triple H runs NXT very differently, and that was certainly noticed back at WWE NXT: R Evolution when Kevin Owens debuted on WWE programming. According to The Wrestling Observer, Bill Demott was the agent in charge of Owens’ match with CJ Parker. The match we ended up seeing was one of three different matches they came up with.

Demott was not a fan of Owens and didn’t like the flip over the top rope or the fact so many moves were involved in the match. Demott was said to have hated the match. Interestingly, before the match took place Triple H met with Owens who complained about the situation. So Triple H said to allow Owens to do what he wants. Which is why we ended up seeing the debut match we did for Owens.

This is said to have led to a lot of jealousy, because Triple H allowing “his guys” to do whatever they want while everyone else is micro-managed. The main roster is no different as they are getting the same micro-management outside of live events. R Evolution was the time we heard a lot of jealousy coming out in regards to NXT. The TLC PPV had to follow it in December and most thought the show was better than it would have been due to the NXT special.

The issue is that despite this, many on the NXT roster still have issues working under a microscope while the others are getting freedom to work matches Indy style that get over far more. While Triple H’s favorites continue to get over, many others are probably able to work similar matches. Yet they are not allowed to do so. This still continues to plague the main roster who can do similar but are also not allowed to do so.

It is an understandable issue. However, this all can change as these men and women move up to the main roster. Not only will they have to switch things up due to McMahon forcing them to do so, but they are going to be on a loaded roster that will be tough to break through right off. That is why it seems like many of the people ready to move up have not yet. WWE doesn’t want to bring anyone up that they cannot use well right off. This is more so a Triple H decision it seems.

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