Break The Cookie-Cutter Trend: Wear Bridal Shorts Down The Aisle

bridal shorts

It seems that wedding trends are getting more lax as time goes on. For instance, bridal shorts are now an option to make a statement as a bride struts her stuff down the aisle. If you thought bridal shorts were something from the Victorian era that were worn underneath a dress, you’d be wrong.

Women are wanting to explore other options to make their special day as unique as they are. With so many options and ideas out there, women know they do not have to stick to traditional gowns and designs. Designers are keeping up with those changes by offering bridal shorts embellished with sequins and made with elegant and shimmering cloth.

According to Good Morning America, many fashion experts agree that bridal shorts probably won’t take over aisles by storm. Bridal shorts are more likely something a woman would want to wear at a destination wedding, during the reception, or on her honeymoon. However, that’s not to say a woman could not choose to wear bridal shorts during her wedding if she wanted.

Terry Hall, fashion director at New York’s Kleinfeld bridal store and home to the show Say Yes to the Dress, believes women should feel free to express themselves in whatever way makes them feel at their best. Bridal shorts may be the missing element for many women looking for that little extra something.

“If there’s ever a day where a woman has to express who she is through her sense of fashion, it’s her wedding day and it’s not always a dress. When you hear shorts you think casual. It doesn’t have to be casual — it depends on the fabrication, construction, artistic detail, maybe it’s embellished, but you can really make it quite dressy.”

Many fashion experts agree that most people no longer want to look like they had someone else’s dream day, so brides are looking for alternate ways to express themselves without looking like they had a cookie-cutter wedding. Special or obscure items like bridal shorts, even when just used at the reception, can make things look uniquely different.

The subtlety is all up to the bride’s own discretion. There are more than likely many different styles to choose from, and some would come in very neutral and traditional tones and shades of white. It may be harder to find shorts labeled as “bridal shorts” which have bold colors and patterns.

J. Crew is selling their own version of the shorts for about $450, according to the Gloss.

[Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News]