Renee With New Bangs: Renée Zellweger Flips Out Fashion Week In New Hairdo After Plastic Surgery Shock [Video]

Renée Zellweger, after earning unwanted attention for a changed appearance attributed to plastic surgery recently, is now flipping out Paris Fashion Week with new bangs. The Jerry Maguire actress won praise for changing her look with a dramatic hairstyle innovation, reported People.

Now 45, Zellweger chose to debut her new look at the Miu Miu show. She even sat in the front row with the other celebrities closely checking out the newest Parisian fashions.

And although a new hairstyle might not seem like much, Renée has found herself the subject of scrutiny since she shocked fans and followers with an appearance so different that many did not recognize her, reported Us Weekly.

Attending the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, Zellweger caused even normally blasé photographers to do a double take at her suddenly no-wrinkles-in-sight face. The change was particularly noticeable because Renée has become famous for her unique look since her chubby starring role in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

So did Zellweger have plastic surgery — or didn’t she? As the Inquisitr reported, the plastic surgeon who co-stars on The Doctors TV show decided to dissect Renee’s before-and-after photos to answer that question.

Dr. Drew Ordon, who added that he is not Zellweger’s cosmetic surgeon, pointed to a photo and said that he detected an incision line in her forehead. Based on that discovery and her altered upper face, Dr. Ordon said that Renee underwent a brow lift.

“Clearly they have brought things up,” said the plastic surgeon, pointing to the differences between Zellweger’s older photos and current images.

In addition to the brow lift, Dr. Ordon speculated that Renee also underwent upper eyelid surgery. He noted the changes in her cheeks and emphasized that while she looks great, she also had volume added to counter the effects of aging.

Talk show host Wendy Williams also tackled the topic of Zellweger’s changed appearance on her own show. Following the Twitter outpouring of questions about Renee’s new look, Williams conducted a poll to see what her viewers thought.

The responses were overwhelmingly negative.

“I don’t know what Renee had done but I didn’t care for her look before and this look is by far WORSE!”

In addition, Wendy expressed outrage that Zellweger refused to admit or deny that she had cosmetic surgery done.

What do you think? Do you like Renee Zellweger’s new bangs? Should she come clean about whether or not she had plastic surgery, or is it her own private business? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images for Miu Miu]