Flight Attendant Shakes It To ‘Uptown Funk’: She Has Some Moves For Passengers

A clever flight attendant showed her moves prior to takeoff by rocking it to “Uptown Funk,” the song that has taken the world by storm in 2015.

Recording artist Bruno Mars and producer Mark Ronson have been making waves with their funky, catchy song for months. After 10 weeks on the charts, it has passed the $1 million mark in sales. The song can be heard multiple times on any given radio station, on any given day, and has kids and adults shaking their bodies to the beat.

The passengers on a WestJet plane thought they were in for the usual routine when they boarded for their flight, and the last thing they expected was for one of the flight attendants to start dancing to “Uptown Funk.” Luckily for the rest of us, an alert passenger captured the moment on their camera and posted it to YouTube for the world to enjoy.

The smash hit was released last November, and Mars and Ronson haven’t looked back. The contagious lyrics and music are the biggest hit of the last few months, and “Uptown Funk” doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The song has already broken several records and grabbed quite a few awards since it came out.

We have seen other parody videos featuring “Uptown Funk,” but nobody has ever seen the dance moves shown by this flight attendant, that we know of. The passengers and even the pilots — who you can see in the back sticking their heads out of their seats to watch the performance — clearly enjoyed the show and clapped appreciatively when it was over.

The clip of the dancing flight attendant doing her “Uptown Funk” routine has gone viral after it was posted to YouTube on March 9, gaining more than two million hits so far. In her caption, Carlee Savage explains her actions.

“A little entertainment while waiting for some guests to board.

“I used to teach dance in high schools with Legacy One and we always encouraged the students to not worry about what other people thought of them.

“This is just me trying to live that out. Props to Gemma Torio-Rosales for capturing this on film!”

Thanks to the cool flight attendant who performed her version of “Uptown Funk,” these passengers won’t soon forget this particular trip.

[Image via Vevo Screencap]