Harry Styles Trips Over Fan’s Bra, Gets Very Bizarre Beauty Treatment [Video]

Harry Styles was almost seriously hurt by the actions of an amorous One Direction fan. The singer stumbled on stage after tripping on a Directioner’s bra, but he managed to avoid a painful fall.

According to the London Evening Standard, Harry Styles’ trip-up took place during One Direction’s recent concert in Singapore. Hazza kept his famous mane out of his eyes by pulling it back into a man bun, but he still didn’t see a bra that a fan had tossed on stage. Luckily, Harry is pretty nimble in his skinny jeans — he stayed on his feet after stepping on one of the bra’s squishy pads. Styles removed the hot pink hazard by deftly picking it up with his microphone and kicking it off the stage. You can see Harry punting the push-up bra in the video below.

Hopefully the pink lingerie didn’t remind Harry Styles of Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry and Nadine recently decided to call it quits after a brief fling. Sources revealed that Harry was pretty heartbroken after the model dumped him.

Of course Harry Styles should have no problem finding a rebound to help him recover from the breakup, and he’s found a weird way to make sure that he looks his best for the next lady who comes along. According to Yahoo! UK, the singer is actually getting sheep placenta facials to improve the look of his skin.

These strange-sounding beauty treatments cost around $600 a pop, and they’re not quite as gross as they sound — Styles isn’t rubbing animal afterbirth straight from the farm onto his cherubic mug.

“The sheep placenta facial apparently sees the placenta cells flash-frozen and mixed into a gel containing gold flecks, which is then applied to exfoliated skin after the pores have been opened with an LED light device.”

According to the Mirror, the facial goop contains “stem cells from special, New Zealand-reared sheep” and 24-karat gold flakes.

Styles’ dermatologist, Louise Deschamps, told Grazia that Styles goes the extra mile to take care of his famous face because being a boy band star really wreaks havoc on his skin — sometimes he has to wear pore-clogging makeup, and all the airplane travel that One Direction does can cause dryness and other issues.

Harry is getting the 90-minute sheep placenta facials at the Beverly Hills clinic of Dr. Harold Lancer, a dermatologist with numerous celebrity clients. Victoria Beckham and Styles’ boss, X Factor mogul Simon Cowell, are also fans of the nutrient-rich facials. Perhaps Cowell introduced Hazza to the bizarre beauty treatment.

One Direction fans love to throw strange objects at the band, including tampons, so hopefully Directioners don’t start trying to pelt Harry Styles with pure sheep placenta in a bid to get his attention. You can check out fetus Harry getting pelted in the face by a tampon in the video below.

[Image credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]