Sharleen Joynt Says Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ‘Potty Mouth’ Does Not Make The ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Unclassy

On the surface, former Bachelor contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and Sharleen Joynt have little in common. Joynt is an opera singer who, despite her Bachelor’s affection for her, self-eliminated early on after admitting she didn’t feel a connection with Juan Pablo Galavis. Bristowe, on the other hand, is a laid-back dance instructor who used an expletive upon her first meeting with Bachelor Chris Soules. She was sent home in tears, leaving her just short of the final two.

But Joynt says the two are more alike than viewers might think. The day of this year’s Bachelor finale, Joynt posted on her All The Pretty Pandas blog in defense of her labeling Bristowe “classy.” Readers objected, saying her creative use of words made her less than a model for “classy.”

According to Joynt, a lot of that may have to do with the Bachelor editing. Joynt says she too was loose with the foul language, although many didn’t see that on-screen.

“I have both a potty mouth and a very dirty sense of humor; those who know me well certainly know that. I didn’t censor myself or pretend to be someone else during filming, yet few examples of me swearing or making off-color remarks aired at all. Clearly, I got the ‘classy’ edit, since it so conveniently fit my ‘worldly opera singer’ profile. Except… well, that’s not really me at all.”

Joynt went on to give specific examples of how Bristowe showed her class during the season. She did not trash-talk other women, go beyond other women’s backs to Chris Soules, and kept it together during The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Her sense of humor, according to Joynt, might be best characterized as “tongue-in-cheek” and “light-hearted,” as much as her jokes were “dirty.”

Joynt also described at length that she does not dislike Kaitlyn Bristowe’s fellow Bachelorette, Britt Nilsson. She does think her dramatics may be over the top considering in real life, Nilsson would have spent very little actual time with Chris Soules.

Sharleen is not the first individual to either accuse Bachelor producers of selective editing or admit that editing does indeed take place. When Kelsey Poe was vilified for her calling her story “amazing,” after having recently lost her husband unexpectedly, former Bachelor Sean Lowe said producers can “lead” contestants in interviews. However, Lowe claimed, the essence of who someone is always comes across.

Whether Kaitlyn Bristowe gets the “classy” edit during her turn as one of the Bachelorettes remains to be seen. Reality Steve revealed that the season begins filming Thursday night. Chris Harrison said in his weekly TV Guide interview that either Bristowe or Nilsson will go home the first evening. It is likely, Harrison said, that spoilers will emerge well before the May debut of The Bachelorette as to whether it is Nilsson or “potty mouth” Bristowe who the men have chosen to hand out roses.

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