‘The Big Bang Theory’: Meet Wolowitz’s Younger Brother, Matt Bennett Added To Cast

Matt Bennett has been added to the cast of The Big Bang Theory, and he will play the younger brother of Howard Wolowitz.

Bennett has signed up to guest-star later in The Big Bang Theory’s seventh season, and Entertainment Weekly has reported that the 23-year-old will play the younger, half-brother of Howard, named Josh.

Howard, who is portrayed by Simon Kinberg, is rather taken aback by Josh’s appearance, especially since he is the son of Howard’s father. Howard hasn’t seen his father in years, which is why he is still yet to make his debut on the beloved sitcom. However this revelation is the biggest indication yet that the show is heading down this route.

It’s also been reported that Matt Bennett will make his debut on The Big Bang Theory in “The Fortification Implementation,” which is due to be broadcast on Thursday April 9.

It’s yet to be confirmed if his appearance in the upcoming instalment will be the first of a recurring role, but if he does prove to be Howard’s long-lost half brother, then it’s safe to assume that he will return regularly.

That’s because Howard suffered the traumatic loss of his mother earlier this season, and Josh’s appearance will allow the character to explore and possible open up his relationship with his estranged father.

The Big Bang Theory was widely praised for the way that it handled the death of Mrs Wolowitz, who was previously only heard off-screen and never seen on-it. The death of the beloved character was instigated by the untimely passing of Carol Ann Susi, who voiced Mrs Wolowitz. Susi died in November 2014, at the age of 62.

Bennett has previously appeared on the likes of Victorious, iCarly and Bridesmaids, while he has also showcased his own writing abilities by co-writing the 2010 short film Text Me. The latter won the Best Comedy at the Indie Short Film competition.

He has also worked in conjunction with both Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the co-founders of Funny or Die who also wrote the likes Anchorman and The Other Guys together, as the pair produced The Virginity Hit, which Bennett starred in.

[Images via Wikia/CBS]