‘RHOBH’ Blog: Eileen Davidson Weighs In On The Lisa Rinna & Kim Richards Feud

In her RHOBH blog, Eileen Davidson addressed the ongoing tension between her co-stars, Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards, as well as Brandi Glanville’s decision to slap Lisa Vanderpump.

In her March 10 RHOBH blog, Davidson spoke of the latest episode.

“As Kyle said, it seems that everybody has swept this awful event under the rug. Where’s Kim’s apology for making insidious inferences about Lisa R.’s husband, Harry? Where’s the apology to Kyle and me for all the awful things that were said? And why did Brandi not step up and say she had been concerned about Kim as well?”

As Davidson recalled in her RHOBH blog, Rinna and Richards had a heated moment with the rest of the cast on last week’s episode, which resulted in shattered glass, and many tears. However, just one day later, Richards arrived to Rinna’s hotel room, where she apologized to her for not accepting her apologize and moving on.

After seeing her friend, Rinna, forgive someone who had made such horrible statements towards her and the other women, Davidson invited Rinna to the bar, where the two women discussed Davidson’s frustration.

According to her RHOBH blog, Davidson felt she and Richards’ sister, Kyle, were also owed apologies, and believed Rinna should have stood up for them when Richards came to her hotel room.

“I just need to understand what’s happened that’s made her OK with this very wrong situation.”

During their meeting, as per Davidson’s RHOBH blog, Rinna claimed Richards was not rational, and said that while she was “not fine” with the way things went down, it was best to move forward. At the time, Davidson felt Rinna shouldn’t have been so quick to forgive, but now, she understands where Rinna was coming from.

“Lisa R. makes it clear that she is in pure survival mode. All I can do is try and support her, knowing that what happened at that dinner is anything but resolved for her.”

Later in her RHOBH blog, Davidson addressed the slap no one saw coming.

“Brandi tries to kiss Lisa V. and, for some reason, ends up slapping her across the face. Granted, it wasn’t a hard slap (thank God), but I do understand why Lisa V. feels a line has been, once again, crossed.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna also spoke of her drama with Richards in her own blog, explaining that while their problems were far from over, she wanted to move on, at least temporarily, for the sake of the other women, as well as their vacation.

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