Tom Sandoval Accused Of Acting Better Than Kristen Doute On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval claims that he is super happy with Ariana Madix, and the sweet things he says about her has many people convinced. But some viewers don’t buy his whole victim speech in regards to Kristen Doute. Throughout the season, Kristen has been determined to prove that Tom cheated on her while they were still together, even though she herself cheated with Jax Taylor – twice.

Of the two, Tom Sandoval is clearly the one who has moved on with his life. Even though Doute claims she is happy with her life and her relationship with James Kennedy, her desire to cause hurt in Tom’s relationship seems a little overboard. Now, Tom is being accused of acting as if he is better than his ex-girlfriend.

According to a new tweet, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval was left to defend himself this week, as viewers argued that his behavior on the show was out of line. Of course, he is super happy with Ariana, but Sandoval didn’t act as if he ever really cared for Kristen.

“So tired of Sandoval blaming Kristen and acting like he’s perfect and all the problems were from her,” a follower revealed after Hollywood Life decided to tweet that Tom Sandoval would be live-tweeting for them during the reunion show on Monday night.

“Yeah bc I came after her the whole season, don’t u think it’s kind of the other way around,” Tom replied to the follower, which resulted in a third person weighting in, “no u do act better than her & DEF DO NOT treat her like sum1 u supposedly luv’d 4 6yrs.”

In Sandoval’s defense, it must be annoying to have your ex-girlfriend hanging around all the time and spreading stories just to make things awkward and weird. And it isn’t just Tom Sandoval and Ariana who have spoken negatively about Doute. Jax Taylor has also said that Kristen needs to wake up and move on from the failed relationship.

During a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen said that if it wasn’t for Ariana, she and Tom would still be together. Clearly she was still hung up on Sandoval. According to the Inquisitr, Tom is in a completely different corner. This past Valentine’s Day, he was gushing over Madix. The two have even talked marriage and children, which surely doesn’t sit well with Kristen.

Do you think Tom Sandoval acted as if he was better than Kristen Doute this season? Or do you think he was just frustrated with Doute?

[Image via Bravo]