Unarmed Man Shot: Georgia Cops Shoot, Kill Naked Black Man, Use Of Force Probed

Residents in a Georgia community are trying to process why an unarmed naked black man was shot and killed by white cops Monday. Anthony Hill died from two gunshot wounds when he allegedly charged police officer Robert Olsen, who received the call of a man acting erratically. The fatal shooting is under investigation, and at issue is whether the proper use of force was used against the unclothed man who was not armed with a weapon in broad daylight.

According to a USA Today news report, police in DeKalb County responded to a disturbance call about a nude man who was knocking on doors, climbing structures and crawling about on the ground. When police arrived on the scene at the Heights at Chamblee apartments, they observed Hill walking in the parking lot. He was clearly unarmed at the time and without clothing.

The initial report says Hill, who lives in the apartment complex, charged the officers while being ordered to stop. When he didn’t, Olsen, a seven-year veteran with the police department, stepped back, drew his service weapon and fired two shots into the man.

Oscar Perez, a witness to the fatal shooting of the unarmed man by Georgia cops, spoke with reporters at the scene. He confirmed reports of the man’s strange behavior before the officer shot him in what appears to be the result of heightened fear.

“The man, he was like drugged, but he was naked, and he was crawling. I think the police officer thought he was going to attack, so he shot him.”

Another unidentified witness admonished the actions by the police. The man, believed to live in the area, said that residents are confused by the recent string of shootings around the country involving black men, and are not sure if it’s in their best interest to call police. He insists there are real fears that cops will come shooting first. The unnamed man said that police have a “license to kill” and residents believe they are using it to their advantage.

DeKalb County Police Chief Dr. Cedric Alexander confirmed reports that the deceased was unarmed at the time of the shooting; no weapon was found on the scene. Additionally, Alexander said the officer who fired the fatal shots had pepper spray and a stun gun on his person, both that were not used in the encounter.

“Yes, he was equipped with all the appropriately issued police equipment, including taser.”

Tuesday’s shooting of an unarmed man by Georgia police comes on the heels of two other high-profile slayings of African American men.

Tony Robinson, 19, of Madison, Wisconsin was shot and killed by police responding to a man who was causing a disturbance. The officer involved in fatal incident said Robinson attacked him, and he feared for his life. Police Chief Mike Koval held a press conference Saturday on the police-involved shooting.

“We have to be clear about this. He was unarmed. That’s going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, the public, to accept, to understand… why deadly force had to be used.”

Apparently, the Georgia man shot and killed by peace officers was mentally disturbed and impaired in some capacity. Hill often talked “openly” on social media about his struggles with mental illness; reportedly, he suffered with bi-polar disorder. According to his Twitter profile, he is an Air Force veteran who pursued a music career. He was known in the Atlanta area under his stage name of “Ant Lanta.”

The shooting of the unarmed black man is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). The unit was requested by Chief Alexander in an effort to promote transparency.

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