Chuck Norris Turns 75, Twitter Comes Alive with Norris ‘Facts’

Tuesday saw the 75th birthday of the legendary Chuck Norris. Fans immediately took to Twitter to post their favorite Chuck Norris “facts,” a series of jokes that have been made popular over the last ten years or so… including some brand new ones too.

What the favorite Chuck Norris “facts” reveal is the man’s uncanny and superior abilities, which basically allow him to do the impossible.

As the NY Daily News reports, there’s even a book available with “facts” about the Texas RangerThe Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck’s Favorite Facts and Stories – along with a website listing all these amazing abilities.

Norris took to Facebook and Twitter himself yesterday to thank all his fans for their birthday wishes in a video.

Looking in pretty darn good shape for his age, Chuck said that “being 39 years of age and with 36 years of experience, I’m just coming into the prime of my life.” He flexed his muscles and aimed a roundhouse kick at the camera which was, as he said, “Chuck Norris approved.”

Here for everyone’s edification are just a few of the jokes and other wishes his fans have tweeted to celebrate his 75th birthday.

A guy who set’s his own pace in traffic! Happy Birthday @chucknorris — King5TracyT (@King5TracyT) March 10, 2015

There were some pretty good “normal” birthday wishes too:

Even Russia got in a tongue-in-cheek joke, in reference to their esteemed and macho leader.

Happy Birthday Chuck!

[Image: Receiving the “Veteran of the Year” award – in the public domain]