“The Bachelor” Chris Soules and Fiancee Whitney Bischoff Play Newlywed Game [Video]

How well do “The Bachelor’s” Chris Soules and newly revealed fiancee Whitney Bischoff really know each other? They wanted to show the world by playing a mock version of the “Newlywed Game” on ABC News. They were asked questions ranging from marriage roles to what occurs in the fantasy suite. Click on this link to see the video of the pair as they answer some personal questions.

Apparently, this is some sort of rite-of-passage for newly engaged bachelors on the show, as another former contestant on the show, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, who have since married, also played a mock version of the game after they became engaged.

How did Soules and Bischoff fare? They agreed on some items, and joked when they didn’t, seeming very congenial.

The first question was who would do the dishes. They both seem to believe in traditional roles, as Chris and Whitney said that she would do the dishes.

When asked who Whitney’s best friends were on “The Bachelor,” they also were in sync and both answered Becca, Kaitlyn, and Carly.

Where will they honeymoon? Chris Soules responded his home town of Arlington, Iowa–most likely tongue-in-cheek, but who knows. When he saw Whitney Bischoff’s response of Greece, he joked that wouldn’t happen, because they’re “on a budget.” Only time will tell where they’ll really wind up.

Who is the emotional one? They both agreed that Bischoff would cry at their wedding. The only risque question involved the fantasy suite. When asked the open-ended, fill-in-the-blank question of “What happens in the fantasy suite….”, Soules responded “will be in the tabloids,” chuckling. Whitney noted how creative her fiancé’s response was, as she answered that what occurs in the fantasy suite “stays in the fantasy suite.”

Afterwards, the couple headed out on a media whirlwind tour, but indicated that they couldn’t wait for their first public date, now that they are a confirmed couple. According to Good Morning America, Chris said that he wanted to take Whitney to a specific movie.

“My first goal is to go to the ‘American Sniper’ movie. I’m excited to drag Whitney to that movie and I will take her to dinner as a thank you.”

Bischoff seemed fine with Soules’ taste in movies, responding: “We’re gonna be in L.A. and I’m not really familiar with good restaurants. I’m open to suggestions!”

They’ll probably be in Los Angeles for a while, as Chris will be a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” as was reported in the Inquisitr. It will be a while until they get back to everyday life.

[Photo and Video Courtesy ABC News]