Amy Schumer Uses Humor To Respond To Hollywood Sexism

Edward VKanty

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer, most widely known for the sketch comedy show she created and which she writes herself, Inside Amy Schumer, drafted the script for the upcoming romantic comedy, Trainwreck, with the intention that another actress, possibly a Hollywood A-lister, would play in the film's starring role. As it turned out, studio execs want Schumer herself to play the lead, reports Slate.

"I [thought] I would just be on set as the writer with a laptop and a messy bun," Amy said.

Yes, Hollywood wanted Amy Schumer, but they wanted a thinner Amy Schumer. They even hired a trainer to work with Ms. Schumer to get her in shape for the role, according to Take Part.

"And then they got me a trainer—like, he trains Megan Fox and actual foxes—and he's going over my new meal plan with me, and I'm like, 'Oh, I've got to stop you here. It sounds like from what you're saying, at times I'll be hungry. What's that about?' "

"In L.A. my arms register as legs," she quipped. "They're like, 'What is that octopus walking around?' "

Ultimately, Amy questioned the wisdom of her trainer. Unlike so many of us, Ms. Schumer is comfortable with herself. It has taken many years to get to that place for her, facing college men and, later on, Hollywood execs, who all wanted taller, thinner, and blonder women, but her sense of self worth has grown strong in spite of criticisms.

"I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story—I will... I stand here, and I am amazing for you. Not because of you."
"Now I feel strong and beautiful. I walk proudly down the streets of Manhattan. The people I love, love me. I make the funniest people in the country laugh, and they are my friends. I am a great friend and an even better sister. I have fought my way through harsh criticism and death threats for speaking my mind. I am alive, like the strong women in this room before me."

Trainwreck, which casts Ms. Schumer alongside Bill Hader, will hit theaters on July 17.

The official trailer for Trainwreck went viral when it was first released. See it here.