‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Is Lily The Daughter Of Maleficent Or Regina?

Once Upon a Time dropped a pretty big bombshell during last week’s episode (“Unforgiven”), and it’s almost a shame that Regina is trying to be good — the old Evil Queen would have made good use of knowledge that Sheriff Chiseled Chin and his bride have a dark side. However, maybe the Not-So-Charmings won’t have to feel bad about Maleficent’s lost baby for too long.

Everyone seems to be hiding secrets from poor Emma Swan during the back half of Season 4 of Once Upon a Time. Hook has a mysterious history with Ursula, and the Charmings are somehow responsible for making Maleficent lose her baby. However, maybe the dark fairy’s child will turn out to be very much alive — she might be Emma’s old friend, Lily. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lily is definitely going to show up on the show again. The adopted juvenile delinquent thought that the star scar on her hand made her special like Harry Potter, and she might be right — perhaps she possesses magical powers just like her mother.

Once Upon a Time showrunner Adam Horowitz made Lily’s return official by sharing the title tease below. As you can see, Emma’s old pal won’t pop up for awhile. Episode 4.14 (“Enter the Dragon”) will air this Sunday on ABC. “Lily” is episode 4.19.

During an interview with TV Guide, Horowitz revealed that viewers will eventually learn where dark fairy babies come from.

“You will learn how it’s made and how she gets it. What we’re going to see is the critical juncture of how the baby is born and what comes a bit after it’s born. We’re going to obviously explore how she lost her child. And at that end of that episode, I think you can see on her face that it was a very painful experience.”

Horowitz called what the Charmings did to Maleficent “the worst thing that either one of them have ever done.” Unfortunately, he didn’t say whether their transgression will be revealed in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

However, viewers will get to learn how Regina and Maleficent became pals. According to Spoiler TV, the mayor formerly known as the Evil Queen will go undercover as a villain to befriend the Queens of Darkness, and her Operation Cobra side mission will be interspersed with flashbacks from when she and Maleficent first met. As longtime Once Upon a Time viewers know, their friendship had an ugly end — Regina stole the Dark Curse from her friend and tried to kill her beloved pet unicorn. Later on, she imprisoned Mal beneath the Storybrooke clock tower in her dragon form.

There’s always a possibility that Once Upon a Time will throw a surprise twist in the “Lily” story. Perhaps Lily is actually Regina and Robin Hood’s child, and maybe the lovers don’t remember having her because someone altered their memories. Regina is in possession of a ripped-out storybook page that shows Outlaw Queen getting a happy ending, and this could be evidence that someone went to great lengths to make her forget about what she really did back in the Enchanted Forest — maybe she listened to Tinker Bell and went through with meeting Robin Hood.

This revelation would make it so much easier for Robin and Marian to split up because it would mean that the outlaw fell in love with the Evil Queen first. Judging from the title teaser for episode 4.20, viewers will eventually get to see what happens when Lily discovers the identity of her mother.

It might be a while before Once Upon a Time gets to Lily’s story, but there are plenty of intriguing tales to tell in the meantime. During this week’s episode, Henry will get one step closer to finding the Author, and Hook will ask Belle to do him “an unusual favor” that might have something to do with Ursula. According to Adam Horowitz, episode 4.15 (“Poor Unfortunate Soul”) will show viewers the horrible thing that Hook did to the sea witch.

“It was not sexual. It is, as he said, far worse. When you think about what would be worse than having your heart broken. I would say it was having your soul crushed. You’re going to see the entire flashback of what happened. You’re going to see the entire origin of Ursula.”

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Do you think Maleficent or Regina is Lily’s mother?

[Image credit: ABC]