Jennifer Aniston: The Only ‘Mean Mom’, Collaborating With Future Hubby Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston has come a long way from her Friends days, when she played the endearing, adorable, and hilarious character of Rachel. She’s taken on some heavy-hitting roles and has won acclaim playing the lead in Cake, most recently.

The 46-year-old is soon to hit the big screen once more, in not only the “mommy” role but the “mean mommy” role within the film that is yet to have a release date, Mean Moms. Ads for the movie have been circulating the internet to advertise and spark anticipation of Jen’s upcoming release.

However, a recent ad that made its rounds on the net in regards to the film, which is rumored to be a spin-off of the hit Mean Girls and included Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Sandra Bullock, has been declared to be false by Variety.

A fake ad for Mean Moms has been circulating the net; image via Design & Trend

“New Line Cinema confirmed to Variety that Aniston, who has been in talks for the film for over a year, is still attached to star. The Bullock and Diaz castings, meanwhile, are purely figments of the Internet’s imagination and are not confirmed.”

Additionally, it has been clarified that Mean Moms is not a sequel to Mean Girls, as the two films are affiliated with different producers. The movies are both, however, based on the works of author Rosalind Wiseman, as Design & Trend relays.

Although Aniston will not have Bullock and Diaz as wing-mamas in the flick, the actress has chatted a bit about taking her romantic team up with Theroux to the big screen and has indicated just how integral her soon-to-be hubby has been in her career. Jen confided her appreciation for finding such an amazing partner to the Huffington Post back in January.

“I have an unbelievable partner who supports me and loves me and makes me feel like there’s nothing I cannot do. There is something about having a partner who supports you that kind of allows you to have a real ‘f**k-it’ attitude. I gotta just go for everything, cause if I fall down on my face, I got my buddy right here to dust me off and say let’s keep going.”

Theroux and Aniston have no immediate plans to pair up, but she did indicate that both she and him take good direction, and that Theroux would definitely love the experience as would she.

Aniston’s 43-year-old talented beau is currently busy starring in The Leftovers, which airs on HBO and in which he plays a cult leader.

[Featured image via People]