‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Faces Reality, Maya And Rick Get Renewed Pushback

What lies ahead in the episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful airing during the week of March 9? Brooke is doing a lot of meddling while Maya is faced with a possible hitch in her plans when her sister says she’s going to be sticking around. What Bold and Beautiful spoilers are available for this week’s episodes?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there are some juicy moments ahead between Brooke and Quinn. While Deacon and Quinn may be engaged, for now, Brooke wants him for herself and she’s going to make that clear.

Brooke will hit the bottle harder than ever, as she struggles with the engagement news. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she may fall so far, both physically and emotionally, that she ends up realizing she needs to straighten up and get some help.

Rick and Maya both have been making life miserable for Aly and that continues this week. However, Ivy apparently has some harsh words for Rick over what’s been happening. Word has it that Rick will not be happy after his confrontation with Ivy is over.

At the mansion, Maya’s sister Nicole makes herself comfortable. She plans to stick around for a while, causing more trouble for Aly. However, it seems that Maya not be all that anxious to welcome her little sis for an extended stay.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Brooke won’t be the only one unhappy about Deacon’s engagement to Quinn. Wyatt is unhappy about it and it may give him reason to bond with Brooke a bit. It has been teased that Kim Matula will be back soon, albeit apparently briefly, in the role of Hope. Will it be related to Deacon and Quinn’s engagement and Brooke’s fall into an alcoholic abyss?

While Brooke is struggling and Quinn is planning for her wedding, Bold and Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps tease that there will be a secret pact ahead for Brooke and Deacon later in the week. Just what is it these two are doing? Previews show him mentioning there being a bit of hope with Brooke, but there’s surely more to it than what it seems from the preview.

Viewers will also see Rick bulldozing through a meeting at Forrester, as well as him apparently having an emotional moment or two over the demise of his marriage to Caroline. There will be an update on Rick and Caroline’s divorce, but it doesn’t sound as if anything is changing on that front. Eric continues to support Rick at Forrester, but Ridge makes it clear he’s not happy about it.

Just how long will Maya and Rick hold onto the life they’ve created together? Will Brooke straighten up and will Deacon and Quinn really make it down the aisle? It all plays out on The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

[Photo by Charlie Gallay/Getty Images]