Heavy Metal Cover Of ‘Grease’ Song “You Better Shape Up” Goes Viral [Video]

A group put a heavy metal twist on “You Better Shape Up” from the hit play and movie Grease. The heavy metal tribute band Tragedy is responsible for the song and video, which was filmed at Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School.

In the video, we hear lines from the movie, such as band members asking the lead singer about his summer. He’s later greeted by a woman who is a clear stand in from Sandy. From there the video seems to strongly resemble Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The cheerleaders, the gym and the janitor all seem to must definitely to be lifted from the ’90s grunge video.

By the end of the video “Danny and Sandy” have left for some…quite electrifying fun.

Reaction to the video and heavy metal Grease cover was mostly pleasant. Kyle Hodge at VH1 said that band’s Grease music video was “exactly what you’d think a heavy metal version of Grease would look like.”

“Between the crazy outfits, wild hair, air guitars, and locker room parties, the only question left to ask is, why hasn’t this idea been adapted into a full length movie yet? We want more!”

There was also a lot of praise for heavy metal cover band Tragedy in the comment section of the group’s YouTube video. One commenter wrote that it was a “crazy awesome cover” and another felt “no one could be unhappy in a world where this” cover exists. There were also some positive comments about the increasingly viral Grease cover on Twitter.

As with everything that goes viral, there are people who are less than enthusiastic about Tragedy’s take on “You Better Shape Up”. Some people don’t like what the group’s cover did to the classic Grease tune. Others who consider themselves “pure metal fans” were not fans of the look and sound of the band. One YouTube commenter stated that she came to see the music video after seeing it bashed elsewhere on the internet. However in the end, she enjoyed it herself!

It just goes to show that when it comes to music, everyone’s tastes are wildly different. Some may enjoy a flamboyant heavy metal version of “You Better Shape Up” from Grease. Others prefer to stick to the original by John Travolta and Olivia-Newton John. With tastes in music so varied, who’s to say what type of music reigns supreme?

Have you seen the heavy metal version of “You Better Shape Up” from Grease? What did you think of it?

[Image Credit: royalecrow’s channel/Paramount Pictures]