Fighter Jet Pilot Takes Advantage of G-Forces To Pass Snickers Bar To Co-Pilot In Rear Seat [Video]

A video shows a fighter jet pilot performing an unusual kind of trick mid-flight. In the 11-second viral YouTube video titled “How to Pass Snacks to the Rear Seat of a Fighter Jet,” the pilot takes advantage of g-forces mid-flight to float a snickers bar to his co-pilot occupying the rear seat of the fighter jet.

The pilot demonstrates how to pass a chocolate snack to his navigator without having to take his eyes off his job. Watch as he releases the Snickers bar with a slight tip that sends it floating in the crammed cockpit into the hands of his co-pilot, who gives a thumbs-up sign of approval after he managed to snatch the delicious snack from the air.

Although many viewers have suggested that the high quality video uploaded to YouTube anonymously could be a publicity stunt by the Snickers brand, the Huffington Post reports that a spokesman for the brand said the company was not involved in the production of the video and knows absolutely nothing about the creators. However, the spokesman admitted that the company approves of the video and has shared it on its online social media pages.

Fighter Jet Pilot Releases Snickers

Snickers shared the video on its Facebook page with the caption, “Snickers satisfies everywhere, even in low gravity.”

But how the pilots are able to sustain a healthy appetite and manage to retain anything in their stomachs amid the battle of g-forces while flying a tumbling fighter jet at supersonic speeds will baffle many viewers who can’t tolerate the stomach churning effects of g-forces gone haywire.

Snickers Bar
Snickers Bar Floats Inside Cock-Pit

“While Snickers loved the video — and even shared it with their fans — the brand absolutely did not create this video, nor were they the ‘masterminds’ behind it.”

The identities of the pilots remain a mystery, but it is believed that they are U.S. Navy pilots. They apparently decided to have some fun while remaining anonymous. They uploaded the video to an empty and anonymous YouTube account.

But according to the Huffington Post, an Air Force spokesman said it was likely that the aircraft was a U.S. Navy fighter jet.

Snickers Bar
Snickers Bar Floats Into The Hand Of Co-Pilot

“The aircraft in the frame at 11 seconds looks to be a Navy F/A-18. This is just a guess.”

The video has gone viral online, having received nearly 500,000 views since it was posted anonymously to YouTube on March 3.

[Images: YouTube]