Chris Evans Visits Seattle Children’s Hospital As Captain America

Chris Evans, known for playing Captain America in some of Marvel’s most popular films, donned his Captain America outfit on Saturday, March 7, to visit children at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, accompanied by another actor from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Chris Pratt.

The two began a Twitterbowl during the Superbowl, with Chris Evans starting it by telling Pratt he was “his enemy for the next two weeks,” as his favorite team, the New England Patriots, took on Pratt’s Seattle Seahawks. The lighthearted tweets between the two friends then turned into a bet after Chris Evans asked Pratt what the stakes were of either team winning. Pratt wanted Evans to show up at the Seattle Children’s Hospital if the Patriots lost, and would dress up as Star-Lord in a Brady jersey and visit Christopher’s Haven in Boston if the Seahawks lost.

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With the stakes set between the two, they met up at Super Bowl XLIX on February 1 in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium to watch the game and kid around with Late Night show host Jimmy Fallon, photobombing fans photos and having a great time. 120.8 million viewers tuned in to see one of the closest games play out between the two teams, with the New England Patriots cinching victory at a score of 28-24.

When Pratt came to Boston to visit Christopher’s Haven, a charity that assists children with cancer and their families, Evans gifted a Patriots jersey with Pratt’s name on it before he suited up as Star-Lord to visit the children. The Marvel men brought gifts with them, including Marvel and Disney toys for the kids. The charity is close to Chris Evans heart and has visited the kids there before, as well as raised money for the charity.

Even though Chris Evans won the Twitterbowl bet, he still promised to visit the children at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital when he could, and showed up as promised on March 7 in full Captain America gear, shield included, and began to visit the children in the hospital. Again, the superhero pair brought Marvel and Disney gifts and took photos with the kids and their families as they all enjoyed their time together.

Following the visit, Chris Evans took to his Twitter account to express his gratitude for the experiences he had.

Since the Twitterbowl bet, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt both posted links to their respective charities where fans could donate should they be inclined. Christopher’s Haven reported $15,000 in donations while Seattle Children’s Hospital gathered $12,000.

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