WWE News: Triple H Set To Potentially Hire WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall As WWE NXT Trainer

WWE Executive Triple H may be adding a good friend to the WWE NXT staff soon. WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was recently at the WWE Performance Center to attend a monthly NXT event with mostly NXT stars who aren’t on the main NXT show as of yet. Hall is very smart and was known as a great ring worker, so the thought came about to add him to the training staff.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Hall may be added to the staff but Triple H wants to take things slow. We’re all aware of Hall’s past and another slip up is not in the cards for him. Triple H knows Hall’s past as good as anyone, so taking things slowly with him makes a lot of sense.

It was said that Hall was well liked at the WWE Performance Center and that he looked very good and healthier than ever. This is a great sign for fans of Scott Hall who always hoped he’d get his act together after seeing him go through decades of drug and alcohol abuse. It was said that Hall received rave reviews at the Performance Center while he worked there.

Other NXT trainers seemed to feel that Hall did tremendous as all of them gave Hall high marks when reporting back to Triple H on how everything went down.

While Scott Hall may not be head trainer worthy right now, he is definitely worthy of a training role. Despite his drug history, Scott Hall was an amazing in-ring performer and character. He was one of the most talented wrestlers of his era and one that probably could have been bigger if he was not involved with drugs.

Again, Triple H will surely take things slow with Hall. The main reason is that due to Hall’s past, WWE would be taking a huge risk in signing him to a role with the company. WWE was just involved with a big issue with former NXT Head Trainer Bill Demott over abuse and negligence allegations which got a huge rise out of the online crowd.

WWE would not like to have the same issues with Hall come up again, so the reward would have to be greater than the potential risk when hiring Hall. Most people with Hall’s past would have a hard time finding a job just about anywhere but Pro-Wrestling. How many people with a major drug abuse history and public issues get employment? That said, it is nice of Triple H to give his friend an opportunity. Sadly, he must be not be bias when it comes to Hall.

Will Triple H end up hiring Scott Hall as an NXT Trainer? Most would say yes, but he’ll most likely be watched like a hawk for a while.

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