Calista Flockhart Bedside Vigil: ‘Ally McBeal’ Bans Husband Harrison Ford From Flying After Crash

Calista Flockhart, keeping a vigil at Harrison Ford’s bedside, has reportedly forbidden her aging movie star husband from getting back into the cockpit of an airplane after the Star Wars actor narrowly survived a crash of his vintage World War II-era plane in Santa Monica, California, Thursday.

According to a Saturday story in Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, the 50-year-old Flockhart — best known as the star of the late-1990s Fox Network hit drama Ally McBealis pleading with Ford, 72, to stay grounded for the foreseeable future because she fears for her husband’s life after Thursday’s crash, which was Ford’s third.

Flockhart is said to be spending every possible minute by Ford’s bedside at a Los Angeles hospital. She was spotted on Friday by People Magazine, which said that Flockhart — who has been married to Ford since 2010 after the pair met eight years earlier — appeared distraught and haggard.

“Calista arrived at the ER shortly after Harrison,” a source told People. “She looked concerned and stayed with Harrison until late last night. This morning, she drove [their son] Liam to school and then straight to the hospital. She is still at the hospital now.”

Another source said to be close to the Ford-Flockhart family told the Mirror that while Calista has begged Ford to give up solo flying, the actor may not relent, even though the latest crash was his worst yet, resulting in a broken ankle and pelvis as well a gory and deep cut to his face.

“It is a worry for her and his children that he has this dangerous hobby,” the source told The Mirror. “But they appreciate he loves it, it’s something he is very passionate about. Whether or not he will pilot a plane again remains to be seen but everyone around him certainly hopes he will take a break – or give it up for ever. It is ­obviously a huge worry.”

His wife is not the only woman in Harrison Ford’s life imploring him to remain earthbound from here on in. His Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher also sent him a message, asking her longtime friend to give up private aviation.

“I know you have an incredible bounce back, please take a bounce break for a while,” wrote the 58-year-old actress and author. “Can I drive next time?”

Harrison Ford in indeed passionate about airplanes. According to Joe Justice, who runs an aviation school at Santa Monica airport, the Indiana Jones star, whose personal net worth is estimated at $210 million, owns “many” planes, including a “mid-size jet” he stores at the airport.

Harrison Ford had just taken off from Santa Monica Airport when the engines on his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR stopped working, resulting in the crash on a nearby golf course. Calista Flockhart then rushed to join him in the hospital where she has kept a vigil ever since.

[Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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