Diplo Does Not Want Calvin Harris To Date Taylor Swift, Says Source

Calvin Harris may not be dating Taylor Swift, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to date her. The DJ reportedly flirted with the pop singer at the BRIT Awards. Meanwhile, his friend Diplo has been trashing her to Calvin, according to a HollywoodLife.com report.

Harris, 31, is reportedly interested in dating Swift. The news site learned that Diplo doesn’t want the DJ/producer to be dating Swift, 25. Does that mean Diplo is still allegedly “obsessed” with the singer, like previously reported by the Inquisitr?

It may take some time for Calvin and Taylor to date and get to know each other better. Apparently, Calvin travels a lot since he DJs at various clubs around the world. It also doesn’t help that Diplo has been talking trash about Taylor to the busy producer.

“Calvin is always in Las Vegas and would be away from Taylor. Plus, he doesn’t want to live in the tabloid world and he has heard some unflattering things about her from Diplo.”

HollywoodLife.com says that Harris is still very much interested in Swift and would like to get to know her. He thought that the BRIT Awards was the perfect time to flirt with the singer, a source close to the producer said to the gossip site.

But it seems like Diplo still can’t get over his feud with Taylor. He doesn’t think the two should date. He keeps “dissing” Taylor to Calvin whenever they talk.

The Inquisitr also reported that Harris and Swift were flirting backstage at the BRIT Awards. The two looked hot and heavy in the VIP room, where they reportedly spent most of the night. Harris and Swift were also seen mingling with Mick Jagger at an after-party hosted by Barcardi at The Soho House Pop-Up party.

Calvin may have to break up his relationship with model Aarika Wolf before he pursues Taylor. HollywoodLife.com reported that even though he’s taken, he still has his eye on the singer. Calvin and Taylor were reportedly seen holding hands and dancing the night away.

It was also reported that Diplo and Taylor Swift made up at a Grammys after-party. The DJ/producer took a picture with the singer and shared it with his fans. Swift’s fans went crazy when they saw the photo of the two together. In the photo, Diplo called the singer “Taylor Spliff.” He also changed his Twitter name to “Taylor Spliff” the very next day.

Do you think Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift would make a good couple? What are your thoughts on Diplo’s reported “obsession” with the singer?