Lira Galore: Justin Bieber’s Rumored New Girlfriend Was Once In Love Triangle With Rapper Drake And NBA Player

Lira Galore knows her way around the music industry, with the model and former stripper reportedly the new girlfriend of Justin Bieber, not long after a short but complicated relationship with the rapper Drake.

Bieber and Lira were spotted together in Miami Beach for Justin’s 21st birthday party. Though Justin had a lot of women around him, witnesses said he seemed most interested in Lira Galore. Some have labeled Lira as Justin’s new girlfriend, but there is not yet any official confirmation.

Before dating Justin Bieber, Lira Galore was in quite a famous love triangle. She once dated Houston Rockets player Patrick Beverley, but the big man had his girlfriend stolen from under him when rapper Drake swooped in.

“Drake has reportedly been courting Lira for weeks,” Hollywood Life reported in October. “They even met up when the rapper was in Houston last week. Apparently, the two are having a whirlwind romance.”

Though reports indicated that Lira Galore moved into Drake’s Toronto pad, sources said the rapper wasn’t looking for anything too serious. recently learned EXCLUSIVELY that Drake is not ready to make a commitment,” the report stated. “He wants to focus on business and just be a player.”

That may explain why Lira has moved on with Justin Bieber so quickly, but there may be another reason she’s hanging out with Justin. As Hollywood Life explained, Justin was quite generous with the guests at his birthday party:

“Justin’s 21st birthday festivities continue! The ‘Baby’ singer spoiled all of the women he was with at Ivy Nightclub’s Varsity Friday, including Lira, TMZ reports! He reportedly dropped $3,600 on a variety of drinks. Whoa! Is Justin already taking his partying to the extreme?”

Galore is a former stripper but now is more known for her modeling, including an Instagram account filled with revealing pictures.

Lira Galore is not the only woman rumored to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. Since his latest split with Selena Gomez, Bieber has been linked to 18-year-old Hailey Baldwin and 19-year-old Yoanna Ventura. Both of them came along to Justin’s 21st birthday celebration as well, which reportedly caused a bit of tension.

[Image via Instagram]